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Alan Wick is a renowned business coach and management consultant who has specialised in supporting progressively-minded entrepreneurs for 21 years. Prior to this, he spent 25 years founding, scaling and selling businesses nationally and internationally. This experience has been key to supporting his clients (one of the companies he led won two Queen’s Awards for Export and one Queen’s Award for Innovation). Alan guides entrepreneurs by sharing his experiences and stories, helping them reach their goals more quickly and with less effort using rigorous processes. He is purpose-led, values influence over profit, and does business in a way that balances commerce and compassion, putting long-term sustainability ahead of short-term profit.


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Why I Champion Conscious Empathic Leadership

My title could have read Why I Champion Conscious Empathic Leadership In Men, to emphasise the extra importance of men having to work more consciously at displaying empathic behaviours in their leadership, but that feels just as sexist as saying that female leaders need to ‘man up’! Traditional ‘male’ characteristics like decisive, powerful, authoritarian and […]