4THOUGHT – Coaching 4You – Taking Effective Actions, Making Good Decisions

4Thought has been set up as a company that delivers a bespoke, eclectic mix of Coaching, Reflective Thinking, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Techniques, Solution Focused Therapy Techniques, Motivational Interviewing Techniques, and Active Listening (‘Listening to understand, not to respond’ Nancy Kline, 1999) to work personally with you.

By drawing on all these skills you can take the outcomes and established goals, and those as yet unknown to you. By building a Coaching experience personalised to you we help you achieve considered actions not reaction, driven successes not burnout, empowered choices not pressured acts.



Wellbeing at Work and Functional Resilience

Melissa Noton, co-Leader of B4’s Wellbeing Group, talks to the Head of Oxford Health’s Wellbeing department, Roz O’Neil, about staff pressures, their accumulative nature and the need to support a level of functional resilience, organisational agility and leadership.

Supporting young people’s mental wealth

On this episode of Let’s Talk Mental Health with Mel Noton, we’re joined by Jodie Lloyd-Jones from Oxfordshire Youth to discuss their work in the local community and the issues young people face in today’s workplace.

Children, Young Carers & COVID

Over the past year the world we once knew has become very different for all of us. We’ve all faced personal and professional challenges on a different scale and there’s no real light at the end of the tunnel. But most of us reading this will be of a certain age, we’ve lived our lives to some extent, we’ve experienced things we can, for the time being anyway, no longer experience. Not everyone can handle that, no matter how insignificant those experiences are in the grand scheme of things, they’re important to someone.