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V. Purposeful Strategy believes that organisations need to be ready, completely, to address the future with purpose, even if this means radical, objective re-thinking of their purpose, place, propositions, culture and conduct; and the strategies that will enable them to become the optimum organisation of the future.

Through our principle methodology, Future Conduct, V has a long track record of bringing visionary, purposeful and high impact strategic practices to organisations in government, business and civil society.

We do these things based on decades of practice, insight and experience within some of the most demanding and complex operating landscapes in the UK, EU and internationally; and through a deep understanding of, and involvement with, latest academic and real world thinking into the future of leadership, business, work, society, technology.

This all adds to our knowledge of profound change and how future-facing organisations and leaders can shape every aspect of their strategic direction and the operating conduct that will make change real, valuable and beneficial.

B4 Article

Stephen Cook, Strategist and Optimist at V. Purposeful Strategy

What keeps you awake at night?

Things can be catastrophically complex… Every day there are hundreds, if not thousands, of articles, discussion groups, blogs and tweets about what responsible businesses need to focus on now. There are almost as many new and diverse viewpoints, buzzwords, emphases, job titles, groundbreaking initiatives, self-help for leaders and new management structures, as there are businesses. […]

Stephen Cook

Branding & Strategy, Business Advice


18th December 2019