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The Inspirational Coach

The Inspirational Coach Ltd provides organisations as well as individuals, with an experienced Executive Mentor and Coach, who works with leaders and their direct reports who have implemented a Lean/Business Transformation journey and are not getting the results they had hoped for. For some, they may be considering or are at the start of their improvement journey and need some guidance and coaching of how to start.
Many organisations make the mistake of focusing on Lean tools and techniques alone and then wonder why improvements have not sustained. We will provide mentoring and coaching combined, to help you create the conditions for change, whilst developing your leaders.
Customers choose to work with The Inspirational Coach because of its practical approach as well over 25 years of business experience across a range of sectors. It provides them with the confidence and reassurance they will deliver their desired results, as well as feeling Engaged, Empowered and Energised.


A unique opportunity for two organisations to have the support of The Inspirational Coach FREE OF CHARGE during lockdown

During these unprecedented times,  we may feel uncertain about the future and have feelings of anxiousness or fear of the unknown. With families now having to be under the same roof 24 hours a day or individuals living on their own, we will undoubtedly be feeling different to how we were a few weeks ago.  […]

Amanda Molloy



22nd April 2020