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My Sales Guru

We specialise in helping people sell knowledge based solutions in ways that reflect how their clients want to buy. We train and coach your people to:

  • Increase Sales – Work out how to increase sales across your business
  • Target Customers – Understand the specific needs of your target customers
  • USP – Develop a unique sales proposition to differentiate you
  • Price – Price your products in ways that make them attractive to clients
  • Bespoke design – Develop a sales strategy designed specifically to sell your products
  • Learn how to sell – Help your people learn how to sell reliably and confidently
  • Sales Objectives – Set regular sales objectives and monitor the results achieved
  • Ongoing Development – Support the ongoing development of your sales people
  • Progress Monitoring – Build a pipeline to monitor progress and forecast income
  • Identify Improvements – We work with you to identify and fix those elements of your sales process that require improvement


my sales guru

My Sales Guru – Two Free, One-Hour Online Workshops

These two free workshops are designed to get people thinking about the best way to approach sales for their business and identify where improvements might be required. The workshops are open to anyone who wants to get better at sales and are based on the findings of recent research into how successful entrepreneurs approach the […]

Paul Essery

Business Advice, Events


2nd July 2020

B4 Article

my sales guru

Free workshops on How to Sell Like an Entrepreneur!

Online sales coaching company My Sales Guru International is offering two free, one-hour online workshops for people that want to learn how successful entrepreneurs sell. When the country finally emerges from lockdown sales skills will be essential to getting businesses and the economy growing again – but it’s going to be tough for everyone. These […]

Paul Essery

Business Advice, Marketing


25th June 2020