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MODUS Accountants

Not the usual accountant experience you have heard time after time…

You’ve probably experienced or heard about it many times. You see your accountant once a year, typically 4 – 7 months after your financial year end, pay your tax, pay their bill and hope that you’ve made a profit…

Ever tried driving along a county lane at night without your headlights on? Of course, you haven’t. Knowing that you’ve made a loss 6 months after your year end is not much use and is the reason so many businesses go bust in the first 5 years. It’s not because their product or service wasn’t good enough, it’s because they didn’t know where they were going because the headlights were off, or they didn’t know how to switch them on…

This is why we decided to set up Modus Accountants.

We want to work with passionate business owners and property investors who have a thirst for knowledge and drive to build an amazing business.

It’s any good accountants’ job to help you crunch your numbers, make sure your business is compliant and to save you money when submitting your taxes. What makes Modus Accountants different is that we use your numbers to generate real business data.



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