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Lawbox Group Ltd

Welcome to law done differently!

Lawbox specialises in offering flexible in-house legal services covering banking & financial compliance and regulation, corporate, and commercial law.

Lawbox operates a very different model to that of traditional law practices which provides us with far greater flexibility.  Flexibility that allows us to spend more time with our clients, getting to know them on a personal level and allowing us to better understand their business.

Lawbox is not governed by Equity Partners driving their solicitors to allocate as much of their working day to billable hours.  We see value in adopting the exact opposite culture and mind-set.  One where real relationships can be developed with our clients that gives them the confidence to approach us for advice and guidance.

Press Release

Lawbox on the up-coming changes to the SRA regulations and how they’re helping consultancies like them, to help you!

It’s not often the word ‘regulations’ and the abbreviation ‘SRA’ warrant the attention of anyone outside of the legal profession but before your eyes glaze over and you flick to the next page I implore you to read on, as changes are afoot that could save you money, time, and effort. Only last month Lawbox […]

Jamie Murray

Advice, Business Advice, Legal


30th September 2019