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Dynamic Coach & Dynamic HR Coach

Developing todays sales individuals into your sales professionals of tomorrow 

With over 25 years of senior sales experience across sectors as diverse as manufacturing, retail, industrial and commercial. Nick has experienced it all from transactional to strategic account relationship management, managing teams across both the UK and internationally, with a record of delivering business growth.

His own career started in sales, then progressed to directing high performing sales teams for blue-chip companies.

Dynamic Coach, was born out of the desire to help develop businesses achieve greater potential through their people being more effective in front of the client.

We are driven by improving your revenue streams and profit margins and as such we have developed our sales training and coaching practices with DYNAMIC outcomes in mind.

At Dynamic Coach we align ourselves with your business by mapping your sales activities, this allows for a for a comprehensive understanding of the challenges and needs of your business. The review includes time spent with key stakeholders, commercial team and time in the field. Following the review process, we will then partner with your commercial team to create a unified approach, with custom resources and deliverables that will support the transformation in your business, through your sales process and team. Post this build phase of the process, we then engage with your team, managers and wider stakeholders to embed the new tools as part of daily activities, creating impactful new sales habits that will elevate your team’s performance and that of your business.