BIO2020 – a Hopin success!

Over 90 speakers and 400 delegates in three days using a brand new platform …… surely this event had ‘DANGER do not enter’ written all over it?

But, to borrow a frequently used word in the post (and during) event social media comments, BIO2020 was a TRIUMPH……no danger!

Managed and curated by B4, one of Oxfordshire’s leading B2B networking communities with speakers covering a huge range of topics, a running theme of purpose in business (and in our lives generally) and a strong feeling of family and community spreading like wildfire from the opening session to the last, which enabled some of our speakers to share their own very personal and incredibly emotional journeys…wow!, BIO2020 had everything summed up with one message on social media after the event ‘where’s my daily BIO2020 fix?’

That was the secret of BIO2020’s success as summed up by one delegate, ‘It got steadily more addictive!’….that ability for delegates to turn up the volume on their computer when they wanted to hear a particular speaker enabled them to continue working at home or in the office whilst still feeling part of a welcoming and vibrant event. So many benefits of a physical event were lost but the online version somehow fostered a greater sense of camaraderie and openness as delegates shared jokes in the chat function or came on screen to ask speakers questions direct, in many ways a more personal and intimate experience than a physically live event would allow.

But whilst this was an event for Oxfordshire businesses there were delegates and speakers from around the world including the USA, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria, Algeria, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, France, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, UK, Poland, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines…hopefully this will be an evolving theme with BIO and B4 moving forward.

From start to finish there was a packed schedule of content, from opening warm up sessions to closing panel sessions including a hugely beneficial panel run by Oxfordshire LEP on the second afternoon. Delegates could choose from two talks at any one time, each of which ran for 20 minutes with a 10 minute break in between.. a format which provided the right level of content leaving delegates wanting more.

Huge credit to everyone that supported BIO2020 – sponsors (including lead sponsors, Unipart), exhibitors, speakers, hosts, official support partners and delegates. It really did surpass everyone’s expectations.

SpecialEffect were the official charity of BIO2020 and an online raffle and auction (including a Lionel Messi signed Barcelona shirt) raised £2,667.50. What a fantastic effort for an amazing charity.

Hats off to the team behind the scenes, to Lorna Waterfield, Keith Simpson, Rob Scotcher, Ed, Sue and Colin Rosser, and event host Richard Rosser.

To see the full agenda of content visit – video recaps will be available later in June.

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Some fantastic Feedback

“Well done and thanks indeed to Richard Rosser and B4 team. It certainly was quite an achievement and a brilliant gathering of souls who seemed to share a common motivation that just maybe #BIO2020 could be the pivotal once in a lifetime moment to #changethewayyouthink and #beaforceforgood #joiningupthedots.”
Jayne Woodley

“To Richard and team, and everyone I’ve met and interacted this week, thank you for a brilliant event – absolutely superb experience! I look forward to many more, in the real world too – thanks again! It got steadily more addictive!”
Stephen Spencer & Associates

“Richard Really tremendous achievement to put on such a wide ranging and dynamic event in current environment. Very well done.”
Mark Beard, Beard Construction

“When you have your headphones in Richard you look like a pilot flying a plane; this has been a fantastic journey for us all – feel like I’ve been round the world and back – and your wonderful co-pilots too, all to be congratulated and thanked!”
Lucinda Whiteley, Novel Entertainment Ltd

“An excellently organised event, using technology in the right way to bring a wide range of information to a broad audience in a safe and professional manner with just the right level of humour. Everyone wanted this to be a success and it is.”
Richard Dorey, Digitizelectric Limited

“I wanted to say to you all that today was a total triumph for all your hard work.

“Even when we can go back to normal, I’ll bet that many of the things you premiered today will end up being core features of events like this. It is a very different experience as an attendee but the ability to experience so much in quick succession is very different to normal conferences. Every element worked really well, I even dabbled in networking….

“I think your collective ever-presence helps bridge the lack of physical proximity and gives the whole event a very warm and friendly feel. There will be a Harvard Business School case study on the way you all have pivoted and, in my view, flourished! Really well done, I loved today and you deserve a few drinks tonight.

“I will attend as much as I can for the next two days. Because, for the first time I could truly say this about any multi day conference, I really want to.

“We are lucky to share this place and our lives with you all.”
Dominic Hare, Blenheim Palace

“I have spent 3 days of back to back presentations at BIO 2020. From Tuesday at 8 till yesterday at 6pm, I attended every session (sometimes two at a time), and didn’t even have time for lunch. It was truly a unique and brilliant experience. You and your team have pulled off what can only be described as a Herculean task, and it has been a total success, on every front. It has done more to re-motivate me and help me clarify my future than anything I could have ever wished for. This community is simply the most caring, thought provoking, challenging, inspirational and force for good anyone could ever wish to meet anywhere. The speakers, your team, the hosts and the delegates all contributed to something that was truly magnificent, and an event that every other network or events company could only dream of in these times.

“There were so many stand-outs it’s difficult to pick the best. Your ever present team available for tech help and ensuring everything went without a single hitch, and you dropping in and out constantly, was hugely impressive. You should be super proud of your team and proud of what you have achieved. Dominic’s opening presentation and his candid honesty really set the whole ‘mood’ for the rest of the 3 days, and his ongoing presence everywhere and anywhere throughout was impressive, I really got the impression he was loving it. I do however have to say that Renee totally blew me away yesterday. I have always admired her and her business, but she brought me to tears and she showed what a true, ‘authentic’ leader she really is. Her passion, commitment and downright sheer determination to be true to her principles and survive through adversity came through in spades. You must watch the recording of her talk, it’s emotional but she has inspired me to pursue something that has been on my mind for some time. I have reached out to her following her presentation to offer my support and let her know how inspiring she is.

“I hope you are all enjoying a relatively quiet few days of calm and tranquillity, and having a well-deserved break.”
Thank you

“Very well organised. It was very enjoyable. I spent most of the day working and listening to the talks. Looking forward to todays’ talks.”
Cheryl-Lee Foulsham, Oxford Duplication Centre

“Unbelievable co-ordination and event management!! I think Joanna Mundy is right… you’ve made the impossible possible! Really looking forward to tomorrow.”
Hannah Scott, Bioregional and Oxfordshire Greentech

“Spot on event Richard and team… you’ve started something now hashtag#changethewayyouthink”
Jonna Mundy, YouHR

“Richard morning, just wanted to drop you a quick line to say you and the team have nailed day 2 at BIO2020 and its only lunchtime. Meant to be dropping in and out but have been in all morning. Great work and really enjoying it – congrats.”

Andrew Hancock, BrandAsylum
PS Obviously missing a bit of BrandAsylum magic but there’s always next year!

“Just a quick email to thank you for having me as a speaker and part of BIO2020 live.

“Congratulations to you and all the team for an excellent event. The organisation, communication, software and management to deliver a great experience for so many was just brilliant.
When you go for it, there is nothing you and your team can’t deliver with quality.

“You blend of ideas, creativity and project management are exceptional.

“With the exception of Weds before 11am, when I had a client meeting, I spent most of the time watching sessions or on social media engaging or sharing. It was all so engaging and valuable.

“Sorry again Richard for my internet drop as I closed my session, but hopefully I got to that point ok!

“Congratulations again.”
Mike Foster, The Entrepreneurs Mentor

“I can honestly say that I sat gazing at an empty screen for a good 10 minutes after #bio2020 closed today – at one point with a little tear in my eye.

“The last 3 days have been brilliant and I cannot thank the team at #b4 enough for making Business in Oxford such an amazing experience.”
Stephen Cook, V Purposeful Strategy

“Well done to everyone at B4 – an amazing 3 days!”
Michael Pawley, Proficio

“Richard you and the rest of the team have done so much in such a short notice, Well Done….and Thank you Keith, Rob and Lorna for all your support and guidance.”
Placi Espejo, Oxford Technology Park

“Really felt like a family affair in the best possible way- glad to be a part of it!”
Lucinda Whiteley, Novel Entertainment

“5 star event – loved the ability to pop in to loads of interesting sessions over the 3 days without having to move! And enjoyed the good level of interactivity – via chat and great moderation. Hats off to the team!”
Judy Davis, Judy Davis Marketing

“I second that from Wendy. the 20min sessions with 5 minutes each side worked incredibly well.”

“And a huge thanks and respect to Richard and team BIO. What a great achievement to have put on such a brilliant expo, and in such an easy-going, friendly way. It has kickstarted a lot of us into the online 21st Century (or maybe just me).”

“Richard ‘webinar’ Rosser is on a roll.”
Mike Jennings, Jennings of Garsington

“Fantastic effort guys! Really well done. What a great achievement!!! When’s the next one?!”
Amy Hewick, Amy Hewick Events

“Great work by the #BIO team and speakers, thanks again for your support for SpecialEffect.”
Nick Streeter, SpecialEffect

“Epic three days. You put the heart into business. Well done and thank you Richard and the B4 team! Have a well deserved drink or two!”
Gita Lobo, Autism Family Support Oxfordshire

“Yes a brilliant event. WELL DONE to the entire BIO2020 team for making it happen. Thanks also to all the great speakers.”
John F Kennedy, Flexible Finance

“I’m so sorry I’ll miss the final session as I have a 5pm I can’t change. So great that you all pulled this off in a BIG way. Congrats! And it was wonderful to connect with all my Oxford pals! Nick Streeter excited you’ve been able to raise over £2.5k! “Can’t believe I was on at the same time as @Emma Jones (one of my total heroes)”
Joy Foster, TechPixies

“This has been a fabulous event. Thank you to the entire BIO2020 team for making this run so smoothly and be of huge benefit and so much fun.”
Sally Green

“Congratulations team B4 – nailed it. Well done and thanks for all your efforts.”
Alex Sayers, XIST2

“Well done Richard and the team. It was a superb event. Just shows how agile and progressive you and the team really are. Thanks for having me. X”
Lydiah Igweh, Oxford Brookes University

“That was a virtual, and actual, triumph Richard. Huge congratulations to you and the team.”
Ned Wells, 1st Digital

“Let’s build on the theme and create a Purpose for Oxfordshire.”
Tony Hart, Smart Oxford

Uplifting 3 days at #BIO2020 with a brilliant range of talks. put together expertly.

Huge thanks to the Business in Oxford team and to all the prize donors and those who bid and took part in the raffle that will be drawn on the SpecialEffect stream later today!
Nick Streeter, SpecialEffect

“Thank you everyone… Now get outta here!”

“Can I just say what a triumph this has been. The candour shown by Dominic Hare of Blenheim Palace in his presentation on Day One set the scene. I was blown away by what Placi Espejo and then Renee Watson shared today. The collective brainpower on show over these 3 days was amazing, the willingness to share has been inspirational. It’s also been an eye-opener to the new ways of working now and going forward. Many congratulations.”
Paul Angus, Banbury Sound

“Lorna has been great – so calm and collected!”
Fran Kidd, Shaw Gibbs

“Agree with Frank – seemed very intimate, honest and open.”
Grant Hayward, Collaborent

“Well done to all at B4.”
Diane Wilkinson, Connecting to Excellence

“You are going to make me cry Frank! i held it together all day x”
Placi Espejo

“Totally agree with all of that. Outstanding event and speakers. Incredible.”
Stephen Cook, V Purposeful Strategy

“Well done all”
Rebecca Hollick, Global Payments

“Hats off to everyone involved…Great effort all round.”
James Clarke, The Red Corner

“Thank you B4, monumental effort and a huge success in every way, and for a stand out talk, Dom for his honesty and Renee’s session was deeply moving and emotional, she is an inspiration and a true force for good.”
Edward John

“So many shining lights in the Oxfordshire business community and a wonderful window over the past few days to showcase them!”
Grant Hayward, Collaborent

“Thank you to Richard, Lorna and the whole team, and not to forget thanks also to all of the speakers. Really great few days.”
Rachel Foord, Verve Creative

“Has been great. Thank you.”
Sara Anscombe, Charles Stanley

“A great 3 days. Well done and thank you so much.”
Jane Elliott, SeeSaw

“Thank you Lorna for all that you have done and Richard and the team.”
Piers Foster, XIST2

“Hi BIO Team, huge congratulations to all of you and all of the presenters on a great event!”
Tracy Smart, The Smart Team

“Thank you @BIO2020LIVE for turning this around and drawing some great speakers in. Thanks Richard Rosser for hosting and Unipart FRANK NIGRIELLO for sponsoring. Nice to meet and connect with businesses here. All the very best for the months ahead.”
Nick Ribeiro, PT3 Ltd

“I have to sign out for the day, but thank you to all of the speakers, I (virtually) met some great people, took lots of notes and picks up lots of useful advice. Till the next one!”
Jacqui Thorndyke, Bitten Oxford

“I would like to add my thanks to the BIO team also – what a fantastic event – you will all sleep well tonight.”
Fran Kidd, Shaw Gibbs

“Thank you to everyone in the BIO2020 team for putting on such a wonderful 3 days. It really has been a revelation and I have no idea how you pulled it all off so brilliantly.”
Stephen Cook, V Purposeful Strategy

“Well done Team BIO – Nice work – massive effort to bring the event in such a successful new way.”
Mike Foster, the Entrepreneurs Mentor

“Well done everyone and thanks all for the sessions lots of really great info to take away.”
Rebecca Hollick, Global Payments

“To Richard and the whole BIO Team – really well done and congratulations on an excellent 3-Days.”
Elio Astone, Flexible Finance

“Echoing and repeating praise for Richard and all the B4 team – and of course, to the brilliant speakers – especially you @Renee Watson ! Keen to support you however I can!”
Grant Hayward, Collaborent

“Huge thanks to all the team – organisers, speakers and attendees. Great 3 days and I’m looking forward to catching the sessions I missed in a couple of weeks when the videos are up. Lots of takeaways in the meantime and thanks again. Brilliant event!”
Sarah Jordan, Oxfordshire Mind

“Really enjoyed the experience of being plugged into BIO over the last 3 days – lots of great content to take on board. Enjoy your rest and recharge.”
Darren Aston, Aston & James

“Enjoyed the sessions I attended Rich, congrats to all for a great event.”
David Rosser, Hachiko

“Great event Richard Rosser, Lorna Waterfield Rob Scotcher Keith Simpson. I won’t repeat Richard’s credits, but agree with Frank Nigriello and Mike Jennings that it was somehow far more, personal and intimate despite not being face to face. Just two examples: Dominic Hare – very frank early session about Blenheim Palace and an incredibly emotional session from the inspirational Renee Watson So encouraging to see hashtag#purpose running rife through the event and business as a Force for Good hashtag#changethewayyouthink B Corp UK Lizzy Hawkins OxLEP Business OSEP Social Enterprise UK Peter Holbrook.”
Grant Hayward, Collaborent

“A fantastic BIO2020 Richard. I have enjoyed the talks very much. Congratulations to your team. Well done B4.”
Cheryl-Lee Foulsham, Oxford Duplication

“Huge thumbs up for a great event team B4 x.”
Cathy Dunbabin, OpenDoorz

“Great event – huge congrats to the whole team. Awesome, insightful and great fun. Same again next year?”
Andrew Hancock, BrandAsylum

“Absolute cracker of an event – well done to all the B4 team.”
Michael Pawley, Proficio

“Thank you for a fantastic event, loved sharing my top tips, it was indeed a blast! So much learning & connecting. Enjoy the weekend off!”
Emma Wyatt, Social Conversations by Emma

“Well done to you Richard and team for putting on such a great event in challenging conditions. You deserve a drink!.”
Lee Jay Burningham

“Great event well done team B4.”
Keeley Dennyschene, Abingdon Hilton

“Impressive team work. Well done.”
Simon Howson-Green

What did you most like about BIO2020

1. The positivity.

2. Ability to access lots of talks without having to take 3 days out of the office!

3. The B4 style: the team really rose to the occasion keeping calm and good humoured throughout, with Richard omnipresent (only rivalled by Dom!) to introduce, reassure, guide questions and interact/quip with both presenters and participants in his relaxed and confident manner. A very enjoyable event!

4. Everything!

5. The feeling of community with a good dose of honesty, humility and even intimacy/emotion

6. It was nice to be exposed to different businesses. Nice to have some of my thoughts around trends confirmed by others. Thank you to B4 for their tremendous hard work and support to pull this off. It was a huge task and you did a great job.

7. The presentation time, allowed me to dip in and out of lots of talks throughout the day

8. Not having to travel The price Being able to move from session to session if the one you were in was not quite right for you Being able to talk in the chat rooms in sessions The great quality of speakers and the number of female contributors you had (honestly it can be a painful issue)

9. The large number of different talks was great. I feel like I ‘attended’ far more talks than I would have been able to physically in person at an event like this. That was a real high point, I was able to squeeze that much more out of the event!

10. Excellent topics and the Hopin platform was mostly seamless. Great interaction with the speakers/moderators with the audience via the chat box

11. The intimacy and the ability to interact with the speakers and other audience members

12. It was dynamic – short, punchy sessions work well

13. It provided a really helpful opportunity to think more generally about strategy and marketing. There was plenty of practical advice, which was great, and input was from speakers from a range of business stakeholders (diversity beyond my own industry is always welcome as I like pulling in ideas from elsewhere)

14. The sense of community

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