Work Meet Grow

Mantle Business Centre’s CEO, Guy Baker, speaking at The Bradfield Centre (one of Mantle’s seven business centres), explains more about Mantle’s background and ambitions to grow.

Mantle started in 1990 as a commercial property investor and developer focusing on the eastern and south eastern region. From 2007 the focus shifted to setting up flexible serviced office buildings. The aspiration now is to grow, over the next five to ten years, to twenty centres.

Guy explains how each of the centres, with the exception of The Bradfield Centre, have been set up from scratch and grown organically. With a team that is well versed in the needs and aspirations of their clients, service is key to Mantle and they deliver.

The pandemic has had a huge impact on the way we work and Guy acknowledges that flexibility will be paramount moving forward and Mantle have adapted to these evolving needs.

James Parton is Managing Director of The Bradfield Centre which was opened in 2017 and owned by Trinity College but operated by Mantle. The mission is simple: to help scale the member companies and the tech start-ups in the centre and provide entrepreneurial pathways for students at the university. James also explains more about the various memberships available to organisations wishing to use The Bradfield Centre’s fantastic facilities and take advantage of hundreds of events which it holds.

The relationship with Cambridge University is crucial and helps create an excellent link between students and the business community. There is also an excellent relationship between Judge Business School and the centre. The Trinity Bradfield Prize is an annual competition to spot and support the technology talent coming through the university to give them the mentorship and financial support to transform their ideas into a tangible business.

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