Life Hacks For Optimal Performance with Spider Chan

The human body has been equipped with tools for our longevity, health and wellbeing to sustain us through our entire lifetime to thrive and not just survive. Over the decades we have “lost” the ability to tap into the foundation of these tools, which I call Life Hacks.

Anyone can learn and use these hacks to which I split into my 4 Pillars of Health system to become an effective, efficient high performing human being.

During this COVID19 Pandemic, the main difference between those who recover and those who suffer is our immune function and strength of our respiratory system. My 4 Pillars of Health System addresses how one can help improve chances of recovery and defend against such viruses.

• Bullet Proof Your Immune System
• Is your exercise doing you more harm than good?
• The ONE tip that will improve your performance immediately

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