It Depends: Your Guide To LinkedIn – Part 2

LinkedIn expert Emma Wyatt hosts the second of her B4TV shows and discusses a range of LinkedIn related topics with Jackie Meek of Future Path Life Coaching. According to her LI profile, Jackie ‘helps frazzled mums to confidently boss the mum juggle without getting burnt out.’

Juggling her various commitments, Jackie struggles to find the time to interact meaningfully on LinkedIn but her intentions are to engage more regularly. Emma advises the best approach to posting and commenting on LinkedIn to best effect. With just two x thirty minute slots available to her each day, Emma talks to Jackie about what she’s trying to get out of her posts to be of most benefit not just to her but her audience of busy mums.

Emma and Jackie discuss the merits of hash tags, using them consistently and focusing on what the right hash tags are – Emma’s top tip is to create a bank of tips to refer to in future posts.

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