How to maximise your cashflow through R&D relief and funding with Vincent Seddon of TBAT

Vincent Seddon of TBAT Innovation talks about how to maximise your cashflow through R&D relief & funding.

Increasing cash flow is of utmost importance to UK businesses during these uncertain times. Now is the time to explore every possible source of cash for your business and where R&D focused businesses can access additional funds.

R&D Tax Credits offer a quick cash injection as a reward for the research and development your business has already completed.

Grant Funding provides a longer-term cashflow option to fund your future R&D projects. Planning ahead now allows you to identify and apply for the funding you need.

• Using R&D Tax to boost short-term cashflow
• Maximising your new or existing claim
• Overview of current & upcoming funding opportunities

Suitable for:
• Business owners
• SME’s
• Managing Directors
• Financial Directors

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