How Important are Green Issues to SME’s?

Kate Stinchcombe-Gillies, Founder of Coconut PR and Frank Nigriello, Director of Corporate Affairs at Unipart discuss a wide range of green topic issues in this webinar with some interesting discussions around the questions and comments listed below.

Frank has been with Unipart for over 22 years and is responsible for Unipart’s image and reputation management, internal communications, relations with Government and trade bodies. Frank is also engaged in internal leadership development, training, marketing, brand management, new business and account development. Frank is a member of Unipart’s Group Executive Committee.

Kate is versatile (read: enjoys variety), curious (read: nosey) and straight-talking strategic PR & communications professional. A dab hand at implementing effective communication strategies for start-ups, scale-ups and big brands. Kate’s ‘everyday’ = helping brands improve their storytelling and engage consumers with their product implementations and offerings. Her experience = comfortable working cross-team, cross-territory, delivering in multiple languages as well as across the table/down the phone/in plain English.

0.23 How Important are Green Issues to SME’s? Frank comments ‘Many businesses only see the potential costs to them of going green’.

6.20 ‘It might sound cliché, but it has to come from the heart.’

8.20 ‘Work out what you CAN do and why it matters to your business.’

9.19 ‘We challenged our teams to look at where they could make a difference in everyday work life.’

11.51 ‘What can B4 do to help its members learn about sustainability?’

13.41 ‘Recording and reporting makes you accountable.’

15.42 ‘There’s so much good we can do by just sharing information.’

16.30 ‘What really drove you to think about climate change, not only in business but in your life?’22.16 ‘Children can surprise and delight you.’

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