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Verity talks about the services provided by HeadOn PR and how businesses are having to become much more creative in gaining potential and existing customer’s attention.

Off-line Verity is also seeing an increase in events including awards ceremonies and conferences, but clients realise they can’t have a live event without on-line support, so, website, social media, video, podcasts and all of the other digital tools are being fully utilised to support physical events.

The work of Verity and her team, including Lucy Allen and Val Proctor, is also being appreciated as Verity highlights a glowing testimonial the team recently received from a client.

Verity has built a reputation over 25 years as a top PR and media communications specialist, having helped throughout her career, some of the most exciting B2B and B2C brands including Ericsson, Symantec, 3Mobile, 3M, Ovo Energy and BusinessLink.

She’s particularly skilled in B2B and B2C technology, legal, finance, energy and the HR industries and has built HeadOn PR firm to become well recognised as ‘the ideas agency.’

A highly creative PR consultancy, the HeadOn PR team communicates your company through compelling stories that capture your customers’ attention, engage with prospects, and build brand recognition and reputation to help your business thrive and grow.

Verity can be reached on or please contact the HeadOn PR team on +44 (0)1242 335246

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