“Do I Not Like That”

Charlie Shillito, Richard Rosser, Nick Humphreys and Brendon Cross discuss the fallout from the recent European ‘Football Giants’ ill-conceived and short lived ‘grand plan’.

The late, great Graham Taylor must have been muttering this phrase from above recently as the 12 European ‘Football Giants’ – hereafter forever known as the ‘Giant Greedy Bastards’ – gave birth to the most ill-conceived and short-lived ‘grand plan’ there has ever been.

It was a remarkable show of fan, media, player and manager power which consigned this ludicrous proposal to the scrapheap, despite Real Madrid and Barcelona still refusing to accept it could be brought back from the dead. Why? Because they need it more than most. Debt ridden and under pressure to deliver for their success hungry fans, where losing to one another is the ultimate sin, these so called giants have taken two steps forward and a good two hundred and fifty back!

Charlie Shillito, associate in Commercial Dispute Resolution and Nick Humphreys, Employment and Sport Partner, both from Penningtons Manches Cooper LLP join STL Chairman, Brendon Cross and ex FIFA Licensed Agent and B4’s CEO, Richard Rosser, to discuss the fallout, lessons that can be learned for any business and what’s next for football.


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