Be Resilient Now – 5 Practical Ways To Stay Effective As A Leader with Alison Haill

Hear from Alison Haill of Oxford Professional Consulting On Resilience during the COVID-19 outbreak.

About this Event I’ll be sharing what you can do to stay resilient and why it matters. I’ll include tips and inspiration to benefit you, your business and your family. Having worked with clients for years using phone and live-over-internet conversations, I can also assure you that sales, trust-building and accountability can work effectively without meeting face to face.

About Alison Today, I am an Executive Business Coach, CEO of the boutique international coaching consultancy, Oxford Professional Consulting. I coach with clients from a variety of different sectors and industries, different nationalities and different cultures in the UK and round the world: top level executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners in companies large and small across sectors.

According to the objectives of each client and using materials I have designed myself or purchased from trusted partners, my coaching with clients falls into two categories: women-only programmes (read more in this website) and programmes for men and women (see

I am based in Oxford, UK, with my husband, after 13 years working as an expatriate in 4 continents. I enjoy occasional trips as visiting lecturer to different parts of the world, such as: Brazil / Egypt / Singapore / Poland and Oxford, UK.

I founded Oxford Professional Consulting over 20 years ago and today I love my work and my clients as much as ever. Working them is a real pleasure and I learn from them every day.

I select clients carefully because I know who best matches my style and appreciates my commitment to their success. They are ambitious leaders and professionals, high achievers with an appetite for personal and professional growth, ready to take action.

I now offer women-only coaching to empower female leaders, alongside running our mainstream work with senior leaders (at Oxford Professional Consulting). I want to empower women to realise their full potential, using the proven techniques, insights, experience and materials that I have learnt and use myself. These have been tried and tested by hundreds of women – including me – and proven to add resilience, renew confidence and build success for woman leaders and entrepreneurs. Our women-only programmes cater for: female entrepreneurs, CEOs of their own business and senior women leaders in larger organisations or corporates.

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