B4 One: Virtual Wellbeing, Is It Achievable with Deborah Humphrey

As the first national lockdown eased some people have returned to the office; others, for many reasons, have remained working virtually.

The organisational wellbeing strategy was not developed with Covid-19 in mind, and most are not geared to a workforce who are in a virtual office. So, how do we ensure that our teams are maintaining their wellbeing when we only ever meet them on digital platforms. This presentation will share ideas on how to observe and develop wellbeing for the virtual workforce.

About Deborah:
Deborah has extensive experience working in mental health settings supporting patients and employees firstly as a nurse, and secondly as a senior leader. In April 2019 she set up her own coaching and wellbeing business – The Wellbeing Story. Deborah supports organisations and individuals to help them explore culture, wellbeing and development. She is passionate about how we maintain the wellbeing of teams to help them and the organisation achieve their personal and corporate goals

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