B4 meets Simon Newton, Commercial Director of Darke & Taylor

B4 meets Simon Newton, Commercial Director of Darke & Taylor.


Our Purpose

Technical & Sustainable Engineering

To provide a high quality turn-key approach to our clients, who include architects, building services designers, main contractors and project managers constructing and refurbishing buildings, and the landlords, owners and occupants of these buildings. To continue the sustainable development of the business and develop the careers of our staff in order that we can continue to deliver what our clients require in an age of advancing technology.

Our Values
Professional – ensuring exceptional building services solutions every time:

Darke & Taylor strives to deliver the effective, reliable, good value solutions and services to every client. We take pride in each project, and will add value through commitment, attention to detail and delivering high quality.

People focussed – valuing our employees:

We value and invest in our employees, fostering a sense of accountability, reliability and responsibility within our directly employed workforce. By employing Darke & Taylor, our clients benefit from a professional, trained, experienced and trust-worthy team.

Progressive – investing in new technology and the environment:

Darke & Taylor is an innovative company. We continue to develop our expertise in areas such as smart home technology, network cabling, life safety systems and energy-efficiency, providing advanced solutions for every project.

Responsive – good communicators, accessible and responsive to customers:

Senior management are involved in daily operations and in supervising the directly employed workforce. Darke & Taylor understands the importance of good communication and ensures there are always experienced people available to act when you need them.

Reputable – accredited with a successful track record:

We are proud of the reputation we’ve gained over generations. Because of the way Darke & Taylor does business, we’ve developed a reliable and trusted approach that we pass on to our customers. We are members of, and take an active involvement in, the key trade associations for our industry.

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