B4 Leader Interviews: Jarl Severn

B4 Leader Interviews with Alison Haill of Oxford Professional Consulting. Interview 3: Jarl Severn, Managing Director , Owen Mumford.

Series 1: Challenges of Leadership In The Pandemic
Interview 3 with Jarl Severn, Managing Director, Owen Mumford

Alison interviews Jarl Severn about the 4 ways in which leadership has had to change during the pandemic.

As an essential service, Owen Mumford had to keep going right from the start of the first lockdown.

• How segmentation has helped
• Unexpected drawbacks of leaders skillset
• Pressures and their solutions
• Interactive vs output-focused meetings

Listen to the end to discover how important transparency is to Jarl Severn’s leadership.

How does his Danish background affect his leadership style?

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