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B4 Podcasts

On trend thoughts and opinions from our B4 Members, hosted by the lovely Emma Gascoigne of Bigfoot Communications. Want to be a guest? Get in touch!

B4 Podcast: Webinar with Tony Hobbs ‘One size does not fit all’

TFriday 4th September 2020

Adjusting your business plan to meet changing market conditions, sometimes called right sizing the business, is not just about cutting costs. It is about adapting your business so that it remains efficient and keeps to its target key performance indicators (KPIs) regardless of what is going on in the wider economy.

To do this effectively means taking your business plan, with its KPIs, and looking at what needs to happen when sales and or margins are not in line with your budgets.

So, how do you do this?

Tony Hobbs of Chapman Robinson & Moore will discuss.

B4 Podcast: Interview with Mike Feerick

Thursday 13th August 2020

Mike discusses his journey as a social entrepreneur, and some of the key learnings he has picked up along the way. He can discuss how to build a financially successful business focused on meeting a huge global social need.

He will also discuss the different ways that free education can be used within a business environment, as well as the importance and benefits of using psychometric testing within your business to learn more about yourself, your employees and potential new hires. In addition to this, he will talk about whether employers should value university degrees today.

Summary: Mike’s key learnings from his entrepreneurial journey.

How free education can be used to benefit and evolve your business.
How psychometrics can be used to gain valuable insights about yourself and your staff.

Suitable for: Business owners, Entrepreneurs, start-ups, small enterprises, large enterprises, education, recruitment.

About Mike: Mike is an internationally recognised social entrepreneur and founder of Alison.com. He is a key figure within the education industry and believes that free, accessible learning is the answer to many of the world’s problems and the solution lies within education. He started the business as an avenue to increase employability for all and this is something he feels very passionately about.

Going Virtual With Your Event

Friday 3rd July 2020

Emma Gascoigne talks with Richard Rosser of B4 magazine. In the episode Emma finds out how Richard turned the Business in Oxford (BIO) event virtual this year and much more.

On The Buses with Phil Southall

Friday 3rd July 2020

Emma Gascoigne speaks with Phil Southall of Oxford Bus Company.

Interview with Jarl Severn

27th May 2020

Richard Rosser of B4 talks to Jarl Severn, Managing Director at Owen Mumford.

Dealing with Coronavirus

6th May 2020

In this episode B4’s Emma Gasgoine talks to Helen Joy of ANPR Consulting about the current situation with coronavirus.

The Challenge of Responsibility

6th Dec 2019

This episode of the B4 Business Podcast comes live from Blenheim Palace and discusses whether a business can thrive if it’s not challenging itself to be more responsible. The podcast features Dominic Hare, Chief Executive Officer at Blenheim Palace, and Grant Hayward, Founder and Director of Collaborent.

Apprenticeship Week

6th Dec 2019

It’s apprenticeships week and we’re joined by: Mel Ringer of Oxlep, Paddy Patterson of the Apprenticeship Intermediary Service and Megan Carter of Blenheim Palace.

Digitalisation – Opportunity or Threat?

9th Sep 2019

Emma and guests Frank Nigriello, Corporate Affairs Director at Unipart Group and Simon Biltcliffe, CEO of Webmart discuss the opportunities and threats of digitalisation and stress the importance of working with schools to help plug the digital skills gap.