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What is the B4 Pass?

The B4 Pass gives you exclusive access to a growing library of superb B4 content, webinars and offers.

Why buy the B4 Pass?

We’ve spent a lot of time since the country went in to lockdown creating a model which generates superb content for everyone to help the business community get through this difficult period. We’re now spending more time generating great content to help businesses support their teams in a world which has changed forever. Key areas such as workplace wellbeing, sustainability, diversity and responsible business have come to the fore in the last year and businesses need help in so many ways to provide support for colleagues they rarely see.

The B4 Pass helps provide access to this support and much, much more. With the launch of new channels on B4TV dedicated to sustainability, workplace wellbeing, finance, sales, social media and more, the amount of content you and your teams can access is mind-blowing.

How does it work?

Purchase your B4 Pass below and we’ll send you a log in so that you can not only unlock gated content on the site but also get loads of additional benefits as outlined here.

You’ll get access to a digital pass so if you need to show it for any reason (to redeem offers) you can do so.

B4 Pass benefits

  • Access over one hundred items (and growing daily) of fantastic gated content on the B4 website including videos, articles, podcasts and news items
  • Sign up to exclusive online B4 events and hear from inspiring speakers
  • Receive our weekly B4 e-Newsletter
  • From September 2021 receive access to a growing number of member benefits including special rates for courses and events not to mention some fantastic retail and hospitality benefits

Want to buy multiple Passes?

If you’d like to buy more than one pass and give access to great content for your teams, please contact us for more information and rates – the more you buy, the better the rate.

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