B4 NEXUS – Your opportunity to support

Responsible businesses recognise that they have a part to play in nurturing the wider business community.

Our B4 NEXUS programme gives B4 Members the opportunity to provide B4 Member benefits to charities, social enterprises, co-ops, fair trade organisations, start-ups and small businesses or sole traders. Not only do B4 NEXUS Members benefit from the B4 community, the B4 community also benefits from the B4 NEXUS Members and their expertise.

B4 NEXUS was launched in 2019 to give charities and social enterprises the opportunity to enjoy complimentary benefits of B4 membership when partnered with a B4 Member, and is designed to grow a spirit of collaboration, sharing and support for those organisations which might not otherwise have the opportunity to secure the benefits of B4.

As a result of the challenges posed since March 2020, we have expanded the B4 NEXUS programme to extend this supportive relationship to any business which clearly demonstrates it would benefit, subject to certain key criteria.

Next Steps and Your Questions Answered

  • If you are already in a B4 NEXUS Partnership (as a B4 Member or B4 NEXUS Member) then we will be writing to you shortly.
  • All B4 Members can appoint a B4 NEXUS Member at no additional cost to either party – some members can appoint more than one B4 NEXUS Member if their agreement allows.
  • Each month members can suggest additional B4 NEXUS Members to B4 who will choose 5 they feel are deserving of B4 NEXUS membership
  • What if I don’t know anyone to nominate? We can help suggest suitable members for you.
  • When you have identified a B4 NEXUS Member, please introduce them to B4 and we will get them set up
  • You are partnered for the duration of your B4 membership and can change B4 NEXUS Members on renewal, or extend your partnership (the only exception being commercial businesses who have been made B4 NEXUS Members who can only benefit from B4 NEXUS membership for a maximum of 12 months)
  • B4 NEXUS Members must sign the B4 Code of Conduct
  • What benefits do B4 NEXUS Member receive?
    • B4 website profile
    • B4 NEXUS Member’s logo is visible (and clickable) on the introducing B4 Member’s profile and vice versa
    • Ability to upload 12 press releases per annum
    • Can contribute to culture building content if invited to do so by B4 Members
    • Can attend B4 events when they start (charges may apply)


B4 provides platforms for our growing and diverse community of members to connect, learn, raise their profile, inspire and be inspired to become better businesses.

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