B4 City Launches

B4 was established in Oxfordshire on 29th June 2006 but national lockdown in March 2020 signalled the start of an exciting journey for B4.

As we pivoted from a local networking group with regular events in Oxfordshire, a bi-monthly magazine (see magazines here – insert ISSUU link) and a relatively limited digital offering, we had to move fast to turn B4 in to a 100% digital community.

Our expansion has already started with new members in Brighton, Cambridge, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Reading and many more areas, but you will see below our Official Community Launch Timetable which outlines when a B4 community is officially created.

How is a B4 Community Created?

There are a number of ingredients which make up a new B4 community as follows:

Founding Members

Prior to Official Launch, all members are known as Founding Members and will be forever known as Founding Members as long as they are in the B4 community – their website profile will include the f associated with Founding Members.

Join B4 as a Founding Member in your community and get 50% off your membership rate by using code FPB4 at checkout.


After Official Launch, all members are known as Members.

Please note there is a cap of 200 members in each B4 community including both Founding Members and Members.


There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for each B4 community – please see more information HERE

Official Partners

There are two key Official Partner Groups:

  1. Official Charity & Social Enterprise Partners – 12 maximum
  2. Official Business Group Partners (including networking groups) – 12 maximum

You can apply to become one of our Official Partners by contacting us using this form HERE

Board Members

There is a Board of 12 individuals for each B4 community, all of whom are invited to become Board Members.

One Executive Board Member will also be appointed in each area.

Board and Executive Board Members will be invited to join a half yearly 45 minute virtual Board Meeting to keep B4 abreast of local developments. All Executive Board members will be invited to a physical meeting once a year.

If you would like to be considered for either position in your area, please contact us HERE

Official Launch Timetable

Please see below our planned expansion timetable but please note if your town or city isn’t listed below, you can still join B4 as a Founding Member and enjoy 50% off your membership rates – see above for more details:


Cambridge – July 30th
Cheltenham – August 31st
Birmingham – September 30th
Manchester – October 29th
Reading – November 30th
Bristol – December 31st


Bath – January 31st
Liverpool – February 28th
Milton Keynes – March 31st
Southampton – April 29th
London – May 31st