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We live and breathe cyber security

As Cyber Security specialists, CQR ensures your business, your people, your information and your technology are protected and empowered.

Making the world a safer place

10 years ago a group of cyber security professionals working for multinational corporations could no longer ignore that these companies were operating for their bottom line first, putting the needs of their clients last.

CQR saw the need for a totally independent company, one whose values and advice was always about the client. We are now a world-class, award winning and proudly independent provider of cyber security services, operating globally from our UK, US and Australian offices.

Since day one, our people have been our greatest asset. We are all of one mind; smart, highly qualified and passionate. We live and breathe cyber security.

Our specialists are the best in the business, with pragmatic minds that produce top quality opinions and strategies, and always lead the way towards great outcomes.

Our passion is continually fuelled as we keep ahead of rapidly evolving targets and ever changing landscapes to identify, manage, and lower the risks of our clients, not just so their businesses and people will survive, but so they can thrive.

Our commitment to our clients

Being independent we’re not tied to any vendors or products and are free to find the best solution for our clients’ needs and budgets, tailoring our services and implementation for each project.

“CQR defends your organisation against cyber attacks and risks by safeguarding your networks, data and devices”

We pride ourselves on forging long-term partnerships that benefit our clients. It’s why we started our company. So we work as a team to ensure our clients are protected, giving them the confidence to get on with running their organisation and leveraging information technology to its greatest potential.
“CQR develops strategy, planning, policies and processes to align with your business needs and industry standards”

CQR has the rare combination of technical expertise and business acumen, as well as hands-on experience of business issues across a broad range of industries and technical environments. We proudly deliver our services from a business-focused point of view and can communicate easily and effectively with all levels of an organisation.

How can we help you manage your business and technical risks? Please contact us to find out.