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How to protect staff & customers during social distancing

As we prepare for the next level of control over the prevention and spread of Covid-19, many businesses will start to re-open but with strict social distancing measures in place. Many companies have already begun preparing for these measures, including installing signage, adding floor stickers or wall markers and stocking up on provisions such as hand sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes. Collectively, these measures will all help protect your staff and customers, serving as a daily reminder to stick to the guidelines and help us return to our daily working lives safely.

Floor Markers & Chevrons

One of the easiest ways to remind your staff and visitors to practise social distancing is to use floor markers. They serve as a visual and practical reminder for everyone to keep within the 2m (6ft) safe distance from each other. Our floor graphics come in a range of 5 bright, eye-catching colours and a variety of designs and sizes.

Our social distancing floor markers are printed on anti-slip, self-adhesive vinyl and are easy to use. They can be used on virtually any surface too. Social distancing floor chevrons are also available to guide customers in one direction through your workplace, helping the flow of traffic.

Entrance Signs & Banners

Remind your customers of social distancing measures with our wide range of signage and banners, suitable for all businesses. Help provide guidance and reminders about hand hygiene and germ prevention with signage for bathroom and kitchen areas. Or use signage outside to help customers queue safely.

Our social distancing banners are weather and fireproof and provide a large visual reminder before entering for everyone to observe social distancing measures. With many different sizes and variations available, you will find the right signage to help both staff and customers follow social distancing guidelines easily.

Wall Markers & Stickers

By utilising wall markers and stickers around your workplace, you can provide eye-level guidance on the 2m (6ft) social distancing. Wall markers can be particularly useful on stairwells, tunnels or high traffic areas where it can be difficult to stick markers to the floor. They can be printed in a variety of colours.

Social distancing stickers are also useful in areas such as washrooms or canteens, serving as a reminder on hand washing or where to queue safely.

Download our full social distancing range brochure at

Plastic Protection Screens

Heavy duty protective counter screens, desk dividers and protective sneeze guards to help keep your employees and customers. safe Our premium screens are available with or without a cut out.

• Create a physical barrier
• Place on checkouts, tills & counters
Prevent the spread of germs
• Heavy duty products, made in the UK