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Exceptional Business Growth and Enhanced Management Team at CIS


Exceptional Business Growth at CIS

2015 is turning into another busy and successful year for Computing Information Systems Ltd (CIS), which is seeing further strong business growth and the establishment of an expanded Management Team.

Leading the way in Oxfordshire as the “one to watch” for growing IT & Cloud businesses, CIS has increased its team to 21 with further plans underway to increase to 35 during 2016, and in excess of 50 staff by the end of 2017.

“To say CIS is growing is an understatement. We are working with increasing numbers of local and national businesses who need IT & Cloud services delivered in a cost efficient and business-focused manner.” said Richard Marsh, CEO at CIS.

CIS has substantial plans to increase the size of its headquarters based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire to compliment the recent move and increase in space at its Herefordshire-based branch office.

“CIS recently celebrated 25 years of IT Services in Oxfordshire. With the skills, technology and know-how developed over all these years, we are well positioned to ensure that Cloud technology is helping our clients maximise the efficiencies available.”  said Neill Lawson-Smith, CIO at CIS.

Introducing the CIS Management Team

Richard Marsh is the new CIS Chief Executive. Richard is strategically driving the company with plans to keep CIS growing successfully and in partnership with an ever-expanding client-base.

Neill Lawson-Smith is the CIS Chief Information Officer. He is focused on developing and delivering innovative and competitive IT solutions for our clients.

“To say CIS is growing is an understatement. We’re working with more and more local and national businesses who need IT & Cloud services, along with providing bright career prospects for those with a passion for IT”

Ross Wilson has been appointed CIS Head of Sales and Marketing. He brings over 30 years of experience in IT solutions sales, working with clients from every conceivable background, size and requirement.

Matt Grantham is the CIS Operations Manager. He will be ensuring that the Technical Team delivers projects on time and on budget, whilst maintaining high standards in support and project delivery.

Daniel Hadland is the CIS Technical Manager. Daniel will be ensuring the technical quality of the solutions that CIS delivers to its clients. He will also be managing our Enterprise Cloud Systems to make certain they are constantly available and working at optimum performance.

Ashley Baker has been appointed Financial Controller at CIS. Ashley will be ensuring that the administrative systems are efficient, accurate and working with our clients to make sure trading with CIS is straightforward.

How can we help your business?

CIS understands how critical IT systems are to businesses in today’s market. Basic systems like Email and Internet access are expected to work without interruption, and often the resiliency and reliability of Servers and Workstations can be overlooked or underestimated.

We appreciate that IT issues cost businesses in real financial terms both in ability to conduct business and reputation.

Our Technical Staff are able to fully analyse and appraise our clients’ entire IT systems, and pinpoint any areas where service could be interrupted or perform slower than needed.

Our strength lies in our ability to propose clear and unambiguous answers to address these potential problems, bearing in mind that cost and efficiency are key to meeting business expectations.

What’s the next step?

A one-to-one conversation, without obligation, is the most effective way to find out how we can assist you best.

Ideally we would discuss your business IT issues and challenges. By understanding your business and its IT needs, we can help set out in plain English the opportunities and efficiencies available.



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