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Don’t become the Talk, Talk of the town

Encryption will soon change from a “might do” to a “have to” – See why…


So what’s happening here?

You’ve heard it on the radio, you’ve seen it in the news. With the recent high profile cyber-attack on telecoms giant Talk Talk, following those on businesses such as British Gas and the Ashley Madison dating site, the security of stored and transmitted data is once again topping the media agenda. What’s perhaps surprising is the lack of reaction from a sizeable proportion of businesses, which despite the constant torrent of hacking news stories, persist with outdated and insecure practices when handling valuable data in their everyday work tasks. However there’s about to be a real sea change with the introduction of EU data protection regulations next year, which will place a legal duty on everyone who holds electronic data concerning EU citizens to implement appropriate security measures and to have a clear data protection policy. There will be punitive sanctions for non-compliance.

The New EU Data Protection Regulation

In March 2014, the European parliament voted by an overwhelming majority in favour of legislation to protect the security of its citizens’ data. The resulting legislation is due to come into force in 2016 with penalties of up to 100m Euros or 5% of annual turnover per data breach.

What is Data Encryption?

Encryption is widely agreed to be the best form of data security available, since it renders any stolen data absolutely useless to unauthorised parties. If, following the worst-case scenario of a hack into your systems, you’re able to prove that personal data was subject to technological protection measures such as encryption, there’s no need to even notify affected data subjects of the breach.

Encryption is widely agreed to be the best form of data security available, since it renders any stolen data absolutely useless to unauthorised parties

Why your should business be concerned

Whatever the size of your business, a significant loss of personal data represents a catastrophe of mammoth proportions and proves terminal for many. As well as sanctions imposed under this legislation, there’s the cost of notifying anyone whose data has been compromised and the subsequent loss of customer confidence and reputational damage to the business. Whilst ‘traditional’ crime figures continue on a downward trend, cyber crime statistics are rising dramatically. No MD or business owner wants to find themselves in the position of the Talk Talk CEO who had to announce to her entire customer base that all of their personal information was now potentially in the public domain!

SMEs in the firing line

Although media reports centre on the highest profile hacking cases, small and medium-sized enterprises are a particular target for hackers. Some view them as the “soft underbelly” of the UK’s fight against cyber crime, with a higher tendency to have inadequate security measures and sometimes lacking in the technical expertise needed to implement top grade counter measures to protect their systems. This is where we at CIS come in. As a Sophos partner and with highly-trained, experienced and qualified technical engineering staff, we’re able to provide you with the knowledge and expertise needed to keep your data private and safe.

Is your data protected?

CIS is providing a free seminar to explain and demystify the new EU Data Protection Regulation coming into force in 2016.

The seminar will be held at our Bunker Data Centre which is located at the West Venture Building (The Bunker), New Greenham Park, Newbury, Berkshire, RG19 6HN.

What’s involved at this event?

• What you need to know about the new EU Data Protection Regulation.
• Find out what Private Cloud is and how it works.
• Learn why it’s important to store your data in the UK.

Use the contact details below to book your place.

01367 700 555