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CQR Making Cyber Security Simple

Cyber security is more relevant today in our business operations and daily lives more than ever before as threats online to the data we transit and store are targets by cyber-criminals. If you do business online or browse the internet you are a potential victim, so it is important to understand what cyber security is and how your business, you and your family can be cyber secure.

Everyone has their own definition of cyber security, we asked three people outside of the information technology industry ‘what does cyber security mean to you?’

‘Making my computer secure from hidden threats’

‘A barrier from malicious attacks’

‘Keeping the internet safe from threats to keep the user safe’.

By asking three people for their understanding of what cyber security is, we received different responses which can mean based on people’s experiences everyone has their own opinion on what cyber really is, how it affects them and if they are cyber secure?

The reality is that cyber security can be a complex topic, full of experts, industry talk and businesses getting flooded with information which can be confusing and intimidating. It’s time we cut down on the industry talk and ‘Make Cyber Simple’.

What is Cyber Security?

“Cyber security is the protection of information on computer systems that are connected to the internet from unauthorised or accidental access, change, theft or destruction”

Cyber security isn’t just an information technology problem, cyber security is a business problem that needs to extend to your people and processes within your business to protect your data.

By not having simple cyber security practices in place we need to understand what the impact to your business is. In 2018, 43% of businesses experienced a cyber security breach or attack which resulted in an average cost of £65,000-£115,000 to businesses and resulted in a temporary or permanent loss of data, software or systems corrupted, website slowed or taken down and money-assets-intellectual property stolen.

There are some simple cyber security steps to safeguard your business against common cyber-attacks and threats that are easy and cost effective to implement, ensure you:

• Backup your critical data regularly;
• Apply antivirus, security updates, patches to operating systems, software, mobile devices and applications;
• Use multi-factor authentication and strong passwords;
• Limit administrative accounts supported by the appropriate access controls;
• Use encryption products for laptops and PCs;
• Have cyber security and privacy policies and a cyber incident response plan;
• Always educate staff, suppliers and clients with a cyber aware culture
• Having the simple cyber security steps in place will enhance your business capability, your brand and provide assurance to your customers on how you protect your business and their data.

In conclusion, the three responses to our ‘what does cyber security mean to you’ question although, different still had the key points of threat and protect and shows cyber security is simply necessary in today’s digital age. We are responsible for our online activity and most security breaches occur because of poor practices or negligence. By following our simple cyber security steps as a business or as a family it will help reduce the risk with your online activities.

At CQR we pride ourselves on building long term relationships by providing the right advice at the right time to help your business protect its information. CQR can help your business understand if you are ‘cyber secure’ through our cyber security assessments which enable your business to grow in a safer world.