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CIS Explain Windows Server 2003 ‘End of Life’

The end of Windows Server 2003’s shelf life is around the corner, but how does this affect your business?

From July 14th, your business could be at risk from unsupported software and security threats. Read on to see how CIS can help you make the change to a smarter and safer way of working…


Microsoft’s support for Windows Server 2003 has already terminated and Server 2003 R2 is also rapidly approaching its ‘end of life’. This means any updates including security patches will no longer protect your business from the latest security threats…

How will my business be at risk, what happens if I do nothing by July 14th 2015? Your Windows 2003 Server won’t stop working, but it will mean if anything goes wrong, it won’t be supported by Microsoft. You’ll also no longer receive any windows updates or security patches.

How will this affect my business?
On July 14th 2015, Windows Server 2003 updates will be no more, which means your business could be open to increasing security risks and data theft.

Key Business Risks
• No Windows Server 2003 updates
• Software/Hardware compatibility issues
• No Windows Server 2003 support

Why should I migrate my data?
Imagine explaining to your client why you can’t access their data, or even worse, why the client data has been stolen from your servers through a security attack that your IT infrastructure simply can’t handle.

By making the change, you’ll protect yourself from having to answer these difficult questions and more importantly keep your clients happy and on the right side of your business.

Okay, so what are my options?
To ensure that your IT stays constantly protected, CIS recommend that you migrate your servers to our Ultra-Secure, Private Cloud Solution. This will help keep your business fully in line with all the latest security patches by using the Windows Server 2012 platform.

If you’re not ready to move to the Cloud, then we can re-build your Windows 2003 Server on-site to the latest 2012 or 2008 version.

How does this happen?
1. We take a snapshot of your entire server.
2. We rebuild and update your system from 2003.
3. We transfer your data back to your new server.

Windows Server 2003 Key Highlights:
• July 14th 2015 Windows Server 2003 Support ends.
• No security updates for Server 2003 after this date.
• Migration to Windows Server 2008/12 is a must for most businesses.
• An opportunity to move to the Cloud for a smarter way of working.

How can CIS help?
CIS are currently running free over the phone consultations in-line with Microsoft’s end of life campaign. This means if you have any questions or queries, CIS will help your business get back on track with your IT.