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Chocolate Shoes

You HR are a Human Resources (HR) and Organisational Development Consultancy who believe that business is “all about the people”. A down to earth group of people experts with nearly 70 years of senior HR experience between them.

Written by: Naomi Alcantara

Events that happen during childhood are so profoundly memorable. I bet you remember riding a bike for the first time, swimming without armbands and the first taste of heartbreak. But do you remember the first time you felt the joy of giving? I must have been about 5, with a basin haircut and gap between my teeth. It was the day before mums’ birthday, and I was given £5 which I spent on some garish shoe shaped chocolates. They didn’t last until her birthday; I gave them to mum the moment we walked through the door and despite the fact they were full of marzipan, she was over the moon! The reason it stands out in my memory is because her reaction made me so happy. I had learnt that it wasn’t just fun to receive stuff but to give it too.

Fast track a few (!) years and the notion of giving freely seems to whittle away as you become an adult, particularly in our working lives. As a people consultancy, we often see the effects of working within an inwardly focused environment, and the negative effect this has on the workforce. Social media is proof of this, with 2 billion of us currently on Facebook, 700 million on Instagram and 300 million on twitter, posting our own successes, triumphs and selfies creating a false ideal, when we all know life and business isn’t always positive. Mental health concerns are on the rise too, so surely, it’s time to ask why this is happening and change our inward focus.

The You HR team are advocates of giving. Every aspect of our work has a charity element attached to it, and we believe that when we shift our mindset to “giving”, the benefits to both parties are abundant. We are experts in people, and by influencing behaviours we can alter outcomes. When you become a giving business, your people become more positive and in turn, more productive because witnessing the effect that actions have on someone other than yourselves widens your reach and makes it a shared success. Research shows that charitable activity “reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and increases serotonin levels” so it should be on the priority list for every business who doesn’t currently engage in charitable work.

Our charity partner, Community Albums, align perfectly with our own vision and values. They aim to give people a voice through music and media, we aim to hear peoples’ voices through the practice of Human Resources, believing that business is “all about the people”. It’s amazing to see what our fundraising has enabled and it’s also a lot of fun in the process. From races to networking events and cake sales. It’s had a positive influence on the work of Community Albums and had a positive effect on the You HR team: improving our physical health, providing a better work / life balance and increased motivation. Win, win!!

Our Workplace Wellbeing service Line can help you redress the balance within your business. We help our clients to find a cause that aligns, to give time, support or expertise. How enriching is it when we see the happiness reflected in the people around us, not just in the mirror? Get in touch to see how we can work with you to change your business mindset, follow our charity antics on social media, come and watch us at one of our fundraising events or join us at our charity networking event on September 21st (5.30 – 8pm) – details are on the next page. Remind yourself of that incredible feeling of giving, and while you’re at it, go and buy some chocolate shoes.

We would love to chat about how we can help you and your business realise its full potential. Get in touch with our Business Development guru Naomi Alcantara using the contact details below.