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Bodleian Library launches its Group Offer to the Travel Trade

The aim of the Bodleian Libraries is to provide an excellent service to support the learning, teaching and research objectives of the University of Oxford; and to develop and maintain access to Oxford’s unique collections for the benefit of scholarship and society. With the newly opened exhibition galleries, shop and cafe in the Weston Library, we can now show some of the collections to our visitors and finally have the facilities to provide a warm welcome to groups.

The Old Bodleian is the oldest part of the Bodleian Libraries (which now include 28 University faculty libraries around Oxford) and holds more than 12 million printed items, as well as outstanding special collections including rare books and manuscripts.

Our guided tours around library’s most historic areas, including the atmospheric Duke Humfrey’s Library and grand Divinity School are very popular for individual visitors, but we are now able to offer group tours together with coffee & pastries or afternoon tea.

On the 6th March the Bodleian hosted a launch event attended by travel and tour operators from around the country. The event included a presentation and guided tour followed by lunch in the Weston Library café, a walking tour around Oxford, afternoon tea at the Randolph and a night at Jury’s Inn. Hayley Beer-Gammage, CEO of Experience Oxfordshire welcomed the guests to Oxford, along with Alice Ogilvie, Head of Venue Services at the Bodleian. Alice explained:

“The Bodleian Library has always been popular with visitors to Oxford from all over the world – but with the additionl of our splendid new Weston cafe, exhibition rooms and shop, we are able to provide a warm welcome to groups, offering them a tour of the Old Library followed by a cream tea.

Working with Hayley and her team at Experience Oxfordshire, we are looking forward to attracting new generations of groups which will be very good indeed for the local tourism economy and beneficial too for the on-going success of the Bodleian itself.”

To find out more about our tours and teas options, or to book your tour, contact Cath, our Tours Coordinator below

Types of tours on offer (All tours are up to 13 people per tour)

MINI TOUR | 30 mins | £70:
Times: Mon – Sat – 16:00, 16:40
Sun: 12:45, 14:15, 14:45, 16:00, 16:40

What you’ll see: Divinity School
& the Duke Humfrey’s Library.

STANDARD TOUR | 60 mins | £100:
Times: Mon – Sat – 10:30, 11:30, 13:00, 14:00
Sun: 11:30, 14:00, 15:00

What you’ll see: the Mini Tour areas plus Convocation House and Chancellor’s Court.

EXTENDED TOUR | 90 mins | £180:
Times: Tues – 11:30, Thurs: 14:00 | Sun: 11:15, 13:15

What you’ll see: the Standard Tour areas plus Radcliffe Camera and either the Underground tunnel or the Old Library Upper Reading Room.