Workplace Wellbeing

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Promoting an active workplace…

Your working environment has a massive impact on your everyday wellbeing and happiness. Many of us are now working much longer hours, skipping our lunch breaks and sitting for longer than ever; up to 10 hours a day for some!

It’s finally being recognised that sitting at a desk all day has a serious impact on health and wellbeing. A staggering 60% of workers claim that sitting for too long has affected their performance at work. This epidemic is costing businesses money; a whopping €73 billion per annum across businesses in Europe through illness and absenteeism.

By incorporating active working you can promote better workplace wellness. Active working ensures your staff are looked after and reduces the amount of sick days taken. Let us help you become recognised as a employer who values your staff. This will naturally help improve your employee retention.

Join the sit-stand revolution…

Our bodies are designed to move. Sitting for prolonged periods of time means our muscles are inactive and our metabolism slows down. This leads to a greater strain on the heart, increases the risk of blood clots, cancer and obesity, and increases our susceptibility to mental health issues. This is why we actively promote movement at work to ensure employee wellbeing!

It’s recommended that we move for at least 2 – 4 hours each day. A workplace that incorporates movement throughout the day is much more productive with higher overall employee health levels.

Maintaining an active cycle of movement incorporating both sitting and standing throughout the day has long term health benefits. Standing whilst working can help with calorie loss, stretch muscles and help relieve back pain reducing the effects that prolonged sitting has on your body.

Our range of sit-stand workstations and desks give you the flexibility to easily incorporate movement into your daily routine. Our range of sit-stand desks are easy to use, with multiple adjustment settings, providing effortless transition between sitting and standing. The the perfect solution to introduce active working into your day.

We stock all major sit-stand brands including Fellowes and Elev8. With a variety of options available to try, you’re sure to find the right product for your workplace.

If you’re thinking of improving your office, why not visit our dedicated furniture showroom and witness this product in action? You can see first hand how our sit-stand desks will help you achieve a happier, healthier workplace.

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