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Embracing diversity and an ageing population in the workplace. At You HR Consultancy we work hard to practice what we teach and creating a diverse workforce is an important part of who we are.

According to ACAS one in four people in the UK Workforce is now aged over 50 and by 2030 the population aged over 65 will have increased by 50 percent.

With Millennial workers currently a hot topic, we wanted to focus on how a diverse workforce can work together and create a winning team.

The familiar stereotypes of the ‘tech savvy’ millennials being more valuable and the older generation ‘stealing’ their jobs are simply not true and we emphasise the importance workers of all ages can bring to a company.

With age comes experience and a wealth of knowledge that can compliment the enthusiasm for new ideas and ways of working that are different to what a younger worker may bring.

The challenge lies in an employer recognising what engages the diversity in their workplace in the right way.

We have the right approach in You HR and we practice this with our clients embracing our strap line:

“It’s all about the people”

People evolve and have different needs throughout their working life and we encourage employers to consider these changes and help support their employees in a multitude of ways to maximise the retention of their most important asset….. their people. This approach engenders loyalty and increases productivity; we have the stats to prove it!

Our business growth outcomes demonstrate the vital components of any business where the recognition of diverse differences should be at the fore to enable purposeful and meaningful success for all.

Want to do more to proactively manage the diversity in your workplace? Arrange your FREE HR Healthcheck with us by emailing alice@youhr.co.uk or call 01491 820764.

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