What is a B Corp?

On this Business Brunch our guests Grant Hayward from Collaborent, Helen Denny from The Myers-Briggs Company, and Kate Sandle from B Corp UK, discuss the B Corp movement, how B Corps operates, and why it’s both good for them and for a better world.

So the question everyone wants answering… what is B Corp? B Corp is a global community of like-minded businesses that all meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to help balance profit and purpose. This month is BCorp month and it’s all about providing businesses with a chance to showcase and highlight all the great things they are doing within their working communities to ensure they are doing the best they can for “people, planet, and profit”. 

Kate Sandle from B Corp UK expressed how they are committed to creating positive changes within businesses, whether that’s focusing on inequality, diversity, or simply helping companies to build stronger connections and healthier environments. 

“Becoming a certified B Corp has been a great way to stretch ourselves and hold ourselves accountable.”

Helen Denny, The Myers-Briggs Company

Helen Denny from The Myers-Briggs Company which is a certified B Corp, said that “becoming a certified B Corp has been a great way to stretch ourselves and hold ourselves accountable”. Helen went on to talk about how being a B Corp has had a positive impact on their company and that  “the support from the community has been incredible”. 

“It’s a really great way to build a strong foundation for any business.”

Grant Hayward, Collaborent

Grant Hayward made a key point that the free online Impact Assessment tool “is a really great way to build a strong foundation for any business”. It really helps highlight opportunities companies can develop to build a stronger, more financially and environmentally sustainable business. By focusing on these areas it helps to create a much better, inclusive, and equitable working environment. I guess you could say that B Corp are the helping hand a lot of businesses are looking for!

How and why should your company become B Corp certified…? 

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