The Future is Bright

Light has the power to captivate; be that gathering round a campfire, or the lights dimming on a stage and an expectant hush descending upon the audience. But imagine the impact if a building could have that effect of drawing people together and then entertaining or informing them; this is the reality of G-Smatt Europe’s architectural grade, smart, media glass.

Huge changes are taking place in our expanding, densely populated urban areas. Cities function 24/7 and the IoT is impacting on how we use these spaces for work, rest and play and the data generated will be critical for the management and utilisation of these urban spaces. As increasing numbers utilise these areas, it is glass media facades that are going to facilitate new and powerful ways of communicating up-to-date transport information, weather warnings and emergency services advice alongside memorable entertainment experiences.

As with all new technologies it takes time for people to understand and embrace the potential, but already architects, designers and app-developers are developing ideas to transform the digital cityscape, including:

Architectural Design – A sophisticated media façade allows an architect to create an aesthetically beautiful design using both the physical form and the additional medium of light. Buildings could change colour throughout the day, or architects could create stunning visual illusions and merge the structure seamlessly into its environment. It also gives buildings the power to share externally experiences that previously have only be accessible to those inside eg whilst a work of art is being created in a gallery, its actual production could be shared on the exterior for those outside to witness.

Digital Signage – Glass façades are ideal for classical, image based advertising, but there is scope for more creativity. Imagine a car launch where a vehicle would appear to be ‘driving’ around the city, using the media facades on buildings and smaller, temporary, pop up installations. Consumers could be encouraged to “Take a photo of the car at a particular site and win a prize”.

Interactivity & Integration – An app has already been created that allows people to ‘throw’ digital fireworks onto the side of a building as part of New Year celebrations. It is not unfeasible to foresee a time when the media façade could react to the presence of individuals enabling them to receive a personalised message.

Architectural gaming, where the game takes place on a building could breathe new life into an area that is deserted after office hours. Installing a glass façade upon which teams of players could interact and play games would drive regeneration as food and retail outlets would pop up to support the new game playing visitors, creating new energy and a new hub.

The potential for this technology is already understood in the events and retail sectors, where the company’s G-Tainers; a combination of smart glass within a steel modular system, provides a truly memorable experience for audiences and shoppers. The glass may pulse in time to music, mimic the movement of customers, display eye-catching art, or deliver high impact brand advertising.

Established in 2017, G-Smatt is led by Orhan Ertughrul who recognises that this success hasn’t happened without a lot of support not only from his staff but also other business experts. “When trying to grow a new company it’s essential that the basics like best practice in accountancy are covered off. Chapman Robinson & Moore have become a highly trusted, strategic partner for our business.”

So, with an eye-catching product and thriving business there is no doubt that for one Oxford based company there really is a bright future ahead.

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