International Co-Working Day

More than just workspace, co-working is designed to provide a productive & collaborative environment, with all the benefits of a professional workspace plus the perks of being part of a community of likeminded people.

At The Lambourn, Abingdon, our Home-Flexi options combine our fantastic co-working facilities with your home for work/life balance. Here are some reasons why our co-working spaces are the ideal place to work:

1. Highspeed, reliable internet: you don’t need to struggle to keep your bandwidth high, and won’t have to worry about a deadline passing you by.

2. Complimentary tea & coffee: 
which you can enjoy at your leisure.

3. Connection: after many months of working alone at home, many of us have missed the day-to-day connections we experience in a shared workspace. We want to facilitate connections in our co-working spaces whenever and wherever possible.

4. Belonging: our co-working spaces offer a sense of belonging – like a home away from home.

5. Professional connections: we strive to facilitate professional connections among our members. Our co-working spaces are full of freelancers, entrepreneurs, small business owners, remote workers and start-ups, from a variety of professions.

6. Comfortable seating: for the many hours spent grafting in our workspaces.

7. Variety of workstations: depending on the kind of work you’re doing, there are a number of workstations available – traditional desks, shared tables, soft seating such as couches and comfy chairs, booths, high tables with stools. Our members love our options.

8. Phone booths: for when you need a bit of privacy and quiet for important calls.

9. Convenient location: all our centres are all easily accessible and near major transport hubs.

10. Restroom facilities: well stocked and regularly cleaned.

11. Parking: available on-site

12. Professional, friendly staff: our centre teams are always on hand to help.

13. Mail handling: as part of our Home-Flexi package, you will look professional with your own business address and have post and parcels delivered.

14. Access to dedicated meeting spaces: meeting rooms and conference facilities with the latest equipment.

15. Support to grow and evolve: co-working creates a professional ecosystem and environment for members to grow and evolve.

16. Flexibility: at the heart of the Home-Flexi offering is flexibility. We offer flexible, short-term agreements without long-term commitment. You also have access to all our locations, you can work when and where you need to.

17. Community: Yes, you need fast, reliable WiFi and comfortable chairs, but you can find these elsewhere. What you get in a co-working space is a community of mutually-supportive, generous, smart and savvy entrepreneurs, freelancers, business owners and remote workers. A strong community is the heart and soul of co-working.

For more information about Home-Flexi and our other workspace options, please visit our website:

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Mantle Business Centres provide flexible workspaces in central locations with contemporary interiors and all the equipment and resources that companies need to succeed.

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