How to Build a Brand

On this episode of The Business Brunch, we are joined by guests Andrew Wilkinson, Managing Director of OWB Creative, Simon Barker, Partner and Head of IP & Media and Rhian Banks, Managing Associate IP & Media of Freeths as they discuss the key factors to consider when building a brand.

What should you consider when building your brand? Our guests give you an insight into the benefits of trade marks, forward-thinking and the importance of research. Andrew started the discussion by saying “the first thing in creating a brand is research. Make sure you know what the client wants to achieve with their brand, then it’s about aligning and researching their target audience, so you know who they want the brand to appeal to.” Ensuring that your brand has a clear vision and target audience is key. It’s about asking yourself questions such as; how will my brand be seen? What kind of media will I use? And what is the brand’s personality? When building a brand you have to think ten steps ahead, making sure your brand is free to use  iis incredibly important and can help prevent legal battles in the future. 

Rhian went on to talk about the importance of applying to register trade marks and said that “the reason why trade marks are really important is that they are an actual asset for your business, they are there to tell people who you are, and they embody all of your cultural messaging and your brand identity. A trade mark can actually be listed as an asset on your balance sheet as a business.” Trade marks help to distinguish one person’s business from another and therefore help you to compete. Simon added that “registration are essential in protecting and defending your brand assets, in controlling unauthorised use online and when it comes to dealing with counterfeits at borders amongst other things”. 

Andrew concluded the conversation by saying “when creating a brand from a creative point of view, work early with your legal team.” By doing this it will avoid wasted investment and benefit the brand both in the short and long term. By taking all precautions it will help your business hit the ground running, offer longevity and enable you to build brand equity.

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