GDPR and the Significance of Encryption

By working with an MSP to encrypt your data you can ensure its security and forget about having to report any breaches to the ICO, says Gareth Johnson.

Over the past couple of months we’ve discussed the importance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the EU’s new directive and most significant piece of legislation in the history of the union when it comes to the handling of customer data.

It’s significant because for many firms there is a very real danger in failing to comply with this when it comes into force in May next year. That could have severe repercussions for your livelihood and even send you out of business. And with a fine of up to four percent of your annual revenue, or €20 million to think about, it demands attention.

Yet, like many businesses, you’re probably wondering how it all affects you because of the sheer amount of information that’s being put out there on the GDPR at the moment. Indeed, it can all seem a bit overwhelming if you’re not careful, leaving you wondering where on earth you should start.

At its core is an attempt by the EU to drive better standards of cybersecurity to provide increased protection for the data of EU citizens being handled by firms. Of course, these things are rarely simple and there are various methods of encryption you might consider when moving towards compliance.

However, are you aware that by using a Managed Services Provider (MSP) you could enjoy data protection that complies with all requirements of the GDPR and offers a complete portfolio of solutions solving key data protection issues at the endpoints?

Now, securing your data is a complicated issue, so if you’re unsure what we mean by endpoints, let’s try to put the cybersecurity issue into context. If you ran a local nightclub you wouldn’t attempt to run the door yourself, you’d get the professionals in. So, why leave the security of data to chance if unsure of the methodologies? Especially when the punitive consequences faced could put you out of business.

Using the MSP model when it comes to the GDPR is a cost effective, hassle-free way of leaving things like encryption in the hands of real experts, leaving you to concentrate on generating revenue for your core business. Here, a good partner will first begin by assessing your exact organisational needs so that you are protected against risk that is directly relevant to you. This will ensure you aren’t oversold a ‘blanket’ solution that you don’t need.

By working with an MSP such as CIS, you can also ensure that all data will be secured across any device at file, folder, email, network and cloud level wherever it may be. With systems that monitor data transfer by audit function you can avoid unencrypted file transfer as this is predefined in the platform. Similarly, you can also prove that files were encrypted at the point of any breach should you have a problem.

This is particularly important when it comes to the GDPR, as if you suffer a breach and are encrypted in this way you wouldn’t need to report it to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

“By working with an MSP such as CIS you can also ensure that all data will be secured across any device at file, folder, email, network and cloud level wherever it may be.”

On top of this users are able to monitor and control all data transfer in real time, with any abnormal behaviour or activity automatically flagged so you can decide what to do. We are also able to provide a detailed view of data flow that identifies potential weaknesses, thereby enabling forensic examination. The ability to generate this information is important when it comes to compliance and will also help you adhere to various laws and regulations.

In addition, with clear mobile device management and cloud access control, data is locked down across devices at every level with real time preventative control and visibility as to who has access to what cloud services and to what extent. This prevents any unauthorised access to applications, devices or file types and stops ransomware in its tracks.

Finally, a good partner will also be taking care of your carbon footprint and power output too by deploying intelligent power management solutions to ensure optimised IT operations by only consuming energy when computers are actually used. This approach to green-IT will help to reduce both IT operational costs and your impact on the environment.

Need help with securing your data and the GDPR?

CIS offers a full set of services encompassing all aspects of the GDPR. These include a GDPR Compliance Gap Assessment Tool, suite of security solutions, cloud hosting as well as data mapping and policy and process reviews. For those who need it we also offer a Data Protection Officer as a Service (DPOaaS) to support you through establishing these and if any breach should occur.

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