Facilities Management

If you are looking to save money and enhance the service levels you are currently receiving, then use the local choice, Aston and James.

Let us brighten up your day…

It’s the little things that brighten up your day; that first cup of coffee in the morning, an ice cold Coke on a hot summer’s day, a mid afternoon treat to see you through until home time… Whatever brightens up your day, with over 400 products in our kitchen and break room range, you’ll find your perfect little pick me up.

Get your office squeaky clean…

With everything you need to wash, polish, scrub, dust, brush, disinfect and hoover, we have the range to keep even the harshest of germs at bay. With over 550 cleaning and washroom related products, we have what it takes to ensure your office remains squeaky clean, safe and germ free.

As well as all of the above, we have a further 3,000 products available within our broader Facilities Management category. Other areas we specialise in include materials handling and access, storage and shelving, premises and maintenance, waste management, PPE, safety and security, and packaging and postroom.

Energise your workforce…

The health authorities commonly recommend eight 8-ounce glasses, which equals about 2 litres, or half a gallon.

A hydrated worker is much more efficient, bright, productive, energetic and less prone to sickness. Our range of water coolers offer the perfect solution to keep your workforce hydrated. It’s not only your employees who will feel the benefit; customers and other visitors will appreciate it too.

When thinking of installing a water cooler in your office, there are two main options which we provide: Bottled or mains fed coolers. Whatever option you choose, your water will be filtered to remove the harsh chemicals and impurities, such as chlorine often found in tap water.

We also serve it hot! Our range of instant water heaters boil the exact amount of water you require, so minimal wastage! Water boilers are more efficient than a kettle, so in the long term not only will you reduce your impact on the environment, but you will also save money on your electrical bill. A great statement for your CSR policy.

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