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We’ll assess your situation…

For staff that are office based and use a screen to work, it’s the law to carry out a Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessment for every workstation. The regulations state that it’s necessary to carry out an assessment for each individual and to keep it up to date if any changes to the working environment have been made. It’s even applicable to those who work from home.

We offer comprehensive and practical advice for local businesses who need assistance or are unsure where to start with an assessment, ensuring you’re compliant with all relevant legislation.

During the DSE assessment, we analyse any risks to users, reduce hazards and advise solutions that should be put in place to help your employees improve their health & wellbeing in the workplace. We can also recommend any staff training required should gaps in knowledge be identified. A working environment has a huge impact on health and wellbeing and ultimately productivity..

Help you implement a healthier, happier workplace…

We recognise the importance of employee comfort at work. Many of us spend almost all the working day sitting down, and we believe it’s too much time to be in discomfort. Maintaining correct posture whilst working is paramount to avoid unnecessary pain and discomfort.

We actively stock and promote a wide range of ergonomic office products to help maintain the correct posture and relieve tension, strain and pressure on muscles and joints. From specialist chairs with additional lumbar support, to arm rests, wrist supports and foot rests, our ergonomic products will help to prevent pain or discomfort so you can concentrate on your tasks without distraction.

We keep up to date with the latest design and innovative products on the market. You can rest assured that we offer you the best choice and the widest range of solutions for your workplace.

Achieving the perfect posture…

Monitor: Adjust the distance and height of your monitor. The monitor should always be at eye level and slightly tilted backwards.

Arms: Relax your shoulders and ensure your forearms are parallel to the floor with minimal bend in your wrists.

Chair: You should be able to adjust the height of your chair. A backrest and armrests will also help you to achieve the perfect sitting posture.

Legs: Our thighs should be parallel to the floor.

Feet: Your feet should also be parallel to the floor, using a footrest if necessary.

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