Energise Your ‘Mojo’

How to keep it together when the going gets tough… Jackie Jarvis the Walking Business Coach talked to three B4 members about a subject close to her heart and her business.

Jackie Jarvis

We all have our own definition of what ‘Our Mojo’ feeling means to us, and certainly notice when it is running low on energy and vitality.

I would describe my ‘Mojo’ as my spark, my light inside that gives everything I do value and purpose. When that light is turned on, everything flows, and I find I can deal with all of the challenges that come my way much more easily.

Is it important to look after this ‘Mojo’ feeling? Absolutely yes, without a doubt. When you feel good inside, everything is better. You are likely to be more productive, effective, and nice to be around.

Knowing my ‘Mojo’ really matters, I do make looking after it a priority! Daily exercise, usually a walk or run, meditation and yoga and some time for personal reflection and learning will keep me connected with that spark on the inside.

Walk, Talk and Plan Coaching and Netwalking are the ways in which I help to connect businesspeople with more ‘MOJO’ Energy.

There can be nothing better than a good walk to get that spark back! But what do other B4 members do to keep their ‘Mojo’ in check? I talked to Grant Hayward of Collaborent, Mike Jennings of Jennings of Garsington and Abi Rosser of AMR Fit about their very different approaches.

Grant Hayward

Grant Hayward of Collaborent

When I think of ‘Mojo’ I think energy, enthusiasm, passion, and positivity. I’d like to think I always aim to be positive, but that’s obviously challenging at times, especially at the moment. However, being energised and remaining passionate about what I do certainly helps.

Why is looking after it important?

I had not really thought about it much before being asked, but it seems to me that the combination of these things, and the balance is probably key. So, remaining healthy and active gives me energy, which helps sustain my passion and positivity. So looking after it helps me remain focused and able to achieve all that I am passionate about.

What do you do to keep yours healthy and energised?

Spookily, I am writing this having just returned from an hour-long, brisk walk down one of our wonderful Oxfordshire bridal paths and my ‘Mojo’ is energised! So, exercise is obviously important, as is eating well. But being absolutely committed to my purpose and seeing the impact of that through more and more businesses like yours becoming a Force For Good inspires me and fuels my ‘Mojo’.

What (‘MOJO’ energising) initiatives have helped or could help your teams and/or clients?

Something I’ve not yet mentioned, which significantly tested my ‘Mojo’, is my need to meet face to face – human interaction – and not through a computer screen. So, no magic answers, but the sooner we can somehow meet up in some way, the better!

Mike Jennings

Mike Jennings of Jennings of Garsington

For me, your ‘Mojo’ is your driver, your passion, your purpose, what gets you up in the morning and keeps you focused through all the hard times.

In my experience your ‘Mojo’ is often battered by circumstances, or by other people. It takes a lot of self-confidence to brush aside these batterings. And sometimes the bruises need time to heal.

There are a number of things that I have learned to do:-

  • Gather around yourself like-minded individuals who share your passion, or with whom you can share your passion, without being judged. If you run a business, this can include employees and customers.
  • Be boundaried around those who try to bruise you, and there will be plenty of them. Don’t fight them, don’t feel you need to justify your position, just avoid them.
  • Take time out on your own to think through anything that needs focus. I have found that walking is a good method… fresh air, space, freedom. Sometimes I take a dictaphone and I can recite a speech on a walk, or a chapter of a book.
  • Spend more time listening than talking.
Abi Rosser

Abi Rosser of AMR Fit

This is a great question from Jackie and one which I’ve really enjoyed writing about.

‘Mojo’ can mean so many different things to each individual person, but for me my ‘Mojo’ allows me to feel powerful and as though I can achieve anything I put my mind to. It enhances my confidence and allows me to step outside of my comfort zone.

Maintaining your ‘Mojo’? Now this might seem like an impossible thing to do but, if you know what works, stick to it and don’t let anything or anyone change it. Routine is a big part of maintaining my ‘Mojo’. Without it I feel lost and my focus drops. Even noting down the smallest of things such as ‘Get Ready at 7am’, if I do it, I can tick it off my list. That means I’ve already achieved one of my tasks of the day which gives me that small buzz. Then once this becomes second nature, I can start increasing tasks set, such as ‘drinking 1L of water before 8am’.
Water is great for increasing energy levels, aids in digestion and also improves complexion. How could it not help to revitalise your ‘Mojo’?

I’ve always said to anyone trying to boost their mood or energy that mornings and evenings are the most important parts of your day.

The morning sets you up for the remainder of the day, so ensure you try and make it as positive as you can before you leave for work. Set yourself a morning routine that you can do religiously. Implement things into your morning routine that will enhance your mood or energise you, for example; playing some empowering music whilst you’re getting ready, making your bed and doing a quick clean, having a green tea, taking your daily vitamins and drinking 1L of water. By doing these small things, you’re already setting up your day with the right attitude.

The evenings are also a vital part of your day, this is how you prep yourself for the next day. If you go to bed feeling relaxed and rested, then you will most likely wake up in the same way. However if you go to bed feeling stressed you will not only have a bad night’s sleep but, you will probably continue where you left off the following day. So to ensure you’re doing what you can to keep your ‘Mojo’ healthy and at its best, set an evening routine. Add all the things that make you feel relaxed, for example; lighting a scented candle, playing smooth jazz music, making a night herbal tea, having a bath with some bath salts and, one of my favourites, playing some sleep hypnosis music. All of these things are great ways to encourage a good night’s sleep and to make sure you feel at your best and prepared for anything that the next day throws at you.


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