Congratulations to B4 on their 50th Edition

The MGroup are pleased to have worked alongside Oxford’s B4 owners Colin and Richard Rosser over the years, looking after their accountancy affairs and supporting them during a period of expansion and diversification. They are proud of their relationship with B4, being the ultimate networkers, with a reputation for establishing long-term relationships with Oxfordshire businesses.

Written by: Penny Casterton and Ian Walker Painting by: Ken Messer

The MGroup believe in maintaining strong long-term relationships with our clients and there are many for whom we have acted for in excess of thirty years. There are even clients we have worked with for more than 50 years and the firm itself will soon be 90 years old. The MGroup were established in 1928 as Miell and Company and then rebranded as The MGroup in 2000. We have supported Oxfordshire businesses throughout periods of change, with many being handed down within families from one generation to the next.

Adapting and changing: 1928-2018

Working with clients for a long period of time enables us to build up an in-depth knowledge and understanding of their business and the people within it. We come to understand what motivates them and the culture within the company, which helps us to tailor our advice and support to meet their exact needs. It’s a given that businesses adapt and change over time, shifting the goods and services they offer to remain successful. It’s our job to understand these changes and continue to provide a high-level of support, understanding, and sometimes being a sounding board for business owners and finance directors.

Evolution of accounting services

The core services that a firm of accountants provides remain the same as they always were – accounts preparation, dealing with statutory and tax compliance. However the nature of our work has changed hugely since the Miell and Company days. No longer do the majority of clients use manual records – for example – over the years part of our role has changed to providing accounting software and advice. This helps our clients to ensure their information is accurate, compliant, and up-to-date for maximum efficiency and profitability.

It is common for businesses to find there is additional functionality they require that is not available within their accounts software. We understand that whilst off-the-shelf commercial software will often satisfy the business’ needs to a large extent, there may be requirements specific to your activities that need to be met with a more bespoke solution.

“Over the years part of our role has changed to providing accounting software and advice.  This helps our clients to ensure their information is accurate, compliant, and up-to-date for maximum efficiency and profitability”

Over the years we have adapted our approach by using in-house software development tools and our team of software experts to customise, integrate and develop bespoke accounting solutions that are perfectly suited to your business. So, as well as using long-established products such as Microsoft, Sage and Xero the MGroup have also developed a number of products in-house such as our Office Management System. Alongside the software packages, we also offer pre-sales consultancy, implementation, training and support services.

Business purchase & exit

Another non-core service we provide is business purchase and exit strategy advice and support. Whether you are looking to acquire, preparing to sell or simply arranging corporate finance for your business, we have an experienced team dedicated to helping you attain a successful deal. Businesses are often sold at under their potential market value, or buyers are discouraged from proceeding when they encounter unprepared business owners. Our team will guide you through the entire preparation for the sale process in a calm, assured and professional manner.

The next 90 years?

At The MGroup, we believe the clients we have worked with for many years choose to stay with us due to the trust built up through our working relationships, our extensive services and the care we provide. As our clients evolve, our wide range of services become more beneficial and enable us to support their growth. MGroup partners and staff are dedicated to adding value through proactive work and continuing to adapt to the needs of our clients. Looking after your business and finances is what we are passionate about and why we have been in operation for almost 90 years. What will the future bring to the world of accountancy?

To find out more about how The MGroup can help you or your business, contact Ian Walker.

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