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On this edition of The Business Brunch join Brad Mills who is an early adopter of Bitcoin and Hamilton Gilpin from Bitcoin Beats as they discuss and give you an insight into the world of Bitcoin.

Ever wanted to learn more about Bitcoin and why it could be a potential investment for you or your company? Brad and Hamilton explain what it is from the very basics and how it has gained status and evolved over the years. Essentially Bitcoin is a digital currency, Brad summed it up by saying “it’s like gold for the internet.” Bitcoin can be a really beneficial investment for larger companies that have deep pockets, however, if your profits are going straight back into your company then Bitcoin may not be for you.  

“it’s like gold for the internet.”

Brad Mills

Brad has been involved with Bitcoin for around 10 years and he also has a podcast called Magic Internet Money. The podcast is a fun and educational way of learning about Bitcoin, how it works, why should you invest in it, and how to invest in it. 

Hamilton has a youtube channel ‘Bitcoin Beats’ where he discusses and shares his knowledge of Bitcoin and talks about how Bitcoin is evolving. He also runs a coaching group and an indicator vendor company off the back of this. This started as a fun project alongside trading for a living but it has become a huge passion of his.

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