B4 + T3 = 2W

I wonder how many of the readers of this magazine and members of the B4 group actually know the derivation of the name? Apparently, it comes from the organisation’s prime aim of, ‘Building Bridges Between Businesses’, which I think sums up what they achieve at each and every opportunity and through their various channels.

Looking back on our lives we can all recall occasions when we have been the ‘new kid on the block’, be that literally when moving to a new house and changing schools or just that first day at a new job or a new club or society that we have decided to join. There is such a mix of emotions; excitement about the opportunities that lie ahead; memories of what we have left behind, nervousness about are we going to be good enough, will we make mistakes, concerns over whether anyone will talk to us and doubts over own abilities to deliver. These feelings don’t change as we get older, although we may be a little better at managing them, and keeping them hidden.

It is certainly true that all of these have raised their heads at various times in the last 18 months whilst G-Smatt Europe has gone from being just a very long ‘To Do’ list to an award-winning company, employing 16 staff and with an exciting future ahead of it. But success like that doesn’t happen on its own.

Earlier this summer, G-Smatt celebrated is first anniversary and this month we will re-renewing our annual membership with B4. Because of the introductions made via this organisation we have built a team of trusted and invaluable suppliers and advisors, including ADS Creative Solutions, Chapman Robinson & Moore, Freeths and You HR, all of whom provide highly professional advice ranging from finance and property to branding and employment law. In addition, we have also had the chance to meet and trade with a diverse and inspiring range of companies and individuals. Hence the three Ts; teamwork, trade and trust.

Taking stock

It has been amazing first year for G-Smatt; we are delighted with what we have achieved and are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. The company’s most notable accomplishment to date was the provision of 13 of its G-Tainers to last month’s renown Boomtown Festival, held in Hampshire. The G-Tainers, a combination of smart glass in a modular steel system, were installed to form a multi-level, immersive theatre venue, known as Bang Hai Technologies, the headquarters of the “in world” Bang Hai Corporation and the hub for the event’s digital innovations.

But it is not only the events industry where G-Smatt is starting to make its presence felt. The G-Tainers are the ideal solution for pop-up solutions and one of them was recently installed outside the Royal Exchange, London as part of this year’s London Festival of Architecture. Looking ahead, the company believes that it is only a matter of time before we will see an architect or developer with the courage and vision to install the architectural grade glass on a far larger scale as part of a commercial development. Something that will transform how people will interact with both the building and its surroundings.

G-Smatt has received several plaudits and awards, including most recently Thames Valley Newcomer of the Year ‘Inward Investment’ Award – at the Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce 2018 Business Awards. As a result, the company automatically qualifies for the national business awards, that are presented in the autumn and which recognise excellence in British business.

Other awards and recognition that been received in the last 12 months, are:

Runner up – International Tech company of the Year, Thames Valley Tech Awards 2018
Winner – Event Industry Product of the Year, Hire Awards 2018
Winner – Technical Innovation Product of the Year, LCA Awards 2017
Winner – Best Exhibition Stand, The Showman’s Show, 2017

The challenge now is to build on this initial success. This will require not only the continued commitment of G-Smatt’s own team of trusted and experienced staff, but also the development of the trading relationships that have evolved in and around Oxford’s business community. These have and will continue to deliver real support and value, enabling the company to continue its growth and development. In short building bridges between business where trust and teamwork ensure fair and productive trading results in winning ways! B4 + T3 = 2W

G-SMATT Europe

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Dr Orhan Ertughrul

Managing Director

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