A Leap of Faith needs Reliable Partners

Having wandered relatively blind into the world of webinars early in lockdown, B4 quickly got to grips with delivering regular content from members on a daily basis, culminating with BIO2020 which saw 102 live webinars delivered over three days.

Studio8 and Static Airwaves behind the scenes at Blenheim palace

So what next? Given that there was so much traffic online with so many meetings, webinars and events now fighting for everyone’s attention, the B4 team felt it had to break into new territory, explains CEO Richard Rosser. “It’s all very well delivering webinar after webinar from the comfort of your own home / office, but we wanted to try something new, make more of an ‘event’ out of our webinars in the absence of physical events. So, with the support of Blenheim Palace and the Ashmolean Museum, we came up with a format of delivering live broadcasts from these superb venues…to be honest, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. Without the expert support of Clark Wiseman at Studio 8 and Matt Stacey at Static Airwaves, we wouldn’t have been able to produce the ‘events’ that Clark and Matt helped us to deliver.”

Studio 8 and B4 go back a long way….Clark took photos for B4 from day one at his then studio in Kidlington. In fact, if you go on the B4 YouTube pages and scroll back to 2006, you’ll see a few familiar (and much younger) faces. Clark added, “It was great to be in at the start with B4 and we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with Richard and the team ever since. When we saw what B4 were doing on line during lockdown, it made sense to team up again and support the outside broadcasts. I’ve always known Richard to push the boundaries and it was great to support what was an ambitious production…but we pulled it off!”

They certainly did and with the support of Barbora Benkova and working alongside Rob Scotcher and Lorna Waterfield from B4, the hard work began.

EDI LIVE Event Stream
Live Event Stream behind the scenes. FromThe Ashmolean Museum.
Safely Setting up for a Live Stream
Safely Setting up for a Live Stream

Productions like this don’t just happen and there was a lot of groundwork to be laid, not to mention the hours of set up and testing the day before each of the Blenheim and Ashmolean productions.

You will see the amount of kit that goes into set ups like this from the pictures in this release….with wires, lights and monitors everywhere, I don’t think any of us quite appreciated the work that would have to go into these shows. But, with any of leap of faith, you need a supportive pair of hands and Clark and Matt provided this in abundance. “We couldn’t have done it without them, not a chance.

The B4 team are great at what they do but without Clark and Matt’s expertise, we wouldn’t have had a prayer. We’re forever indebted to Clark, Matt and Barbora for their support, professionalism and calm approach. What we did was very new for all of us and to have calm heads around made all of our lives easier. I must admit, when Matt counted us out at Blenheim and Ashmolean at the end of each production, spontaneous applause broke out amongst all of us because collectively we’d achieved something special….it’s certainly given me food for thought moving forward.”

So the message is loud and clear…if you need any broadcast support, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Clark or Matt…they’re the go to guys!

B4 One Live
Studio 8 & Static Airwaves working behind the scenes at B4 One’s first LIVE stream

About Studio 8 & Static Airwaves

Matt of Static Airwaves
Matt of Static Airwaves

Our team can handle the complete online live streaming experience from start to finish. Whether you are looking to stream your event, seminar, or meeting, our crew will ensure your presentation goes out in style. We can arrange a multicam or single camera set up to stream direct to your Youtube channel or Facebook page, Zoom Meeting or Virtual Event.

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