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Improving your Company’s CSR Start Small. Even if your business is small, you can still make changes to improve your CSR. Not every change needs to be drastic. Sometimes the simplest changes can have the biggest impact. Simple steps such as choosing to source from companies that have a CSR policy, buying recycled paper and sustainable products, sponsoring local events or putting volunteers forwards to support local causes can help improve the external perception of your business and your company’s CSR.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Look to introduce energy conservation and waste reduction processes in your workplace. Introduce recycling schemes and dedicate an enthusiastic employee as your environmental champion. Consider your products and supply chain from every angle. Are you efficient? Are you buying sustainably? Look into options for offsetting your carbon pollution. Switch your power provider to a company that is investing in renewable energy sources.

Become More Active With Your Local Community

Develop a positive relationship with your local community. Look for opportunities to support or sponsor local events and activities. Ask your employees for recommendations for charities to support that are close to their hearts. Ensure you are supporting the local business community wherever possible. Give employees set days to volunteer for local charities or run volunteering days as team building exercises.

Buy More Sustainably

Sustainable purchasing is one of the most common areas that will be used to evaluate how responsible your business is. From fair trade coffee to recyclable cups and paper, choosing the most sustainable products available will show your partners that you’ve made socially responsible choices and that you take your CSR duties seriously. Encourage employees to use less plastic and introduce recyclable alternatives in the office. These small changes make a big statement.


Ask your employees to make recommendations on how you can improve your CSR. If you are able to empower your employees to make decisions on improving your company’s CSR, they will be able to identify areas of improvement that you may not have considered. Help to drive the change through the business with a sense of ownership. Consider setting up a committee who meet regularly to discuss improvements they can make in their area of the business.

Lead From The Front

It’s important that changes to a company’s CSR are driven from the very heart of the business, that the changes are seen as a positive culture change and a shift towards more modern working practices and sustainability. This culture change can only be led from the front and filtered down through the business.

Shout It From The Rooftops

Be sure you’re telling everyone about all this amazing work you’re doing! Ensure your logo appears at every local event you support or sponsor. Publish regular press releases and good news stories around the work your business is doing in the community or for charity. Publish your CSR policy on your website and make it visible. Include highlights of your CSR commitments in proposals to new customers and write regular newsletters to your current customers talking about all the great work you’re undertaking.

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