6 reasons to step up and own your brand story in 2020

It seems like everyone is talking about business storytelling at the moment. But what exactly is a brand story and why do you need one?

It seems like everyone is talking about business storytelling at the moment. But what exactly is a brand story and why do you need one? A compelling brand story tells people who you are, why your business exists, how you work with clients and what makes you different.

As trust in faceless organisations declines, there’s never been a more important time to embrace and share your story.

Building your unique brand story:

1. Helps potential clients get to know, like and trust you

It’s no secret that people do business with people. Your potential clients are going to work closely with you, hopefully for many years. They want to know something about the human faces behind your business before they buy from you. Your story makes this connection by shining a spotlight on your founders and leaders, team members, suppliers and clients.

2. Shows what your business stands for

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek’s words are now almost immortal. Your clients and employees want to see your passion and your purpose. Your brand story is a great way to share your values and commitment to responsible business.

3. Demonstrates how you can help your clients

Your back story – your expertise, experience and qualifications – can show why you’re best placed to serve your ideal clients. Adding testimonials from clients who fit your ideal client profile builds your credibility.

4. Helps you stand out from your competitors

You don’t want to blend in and be just another business in your industry. Sharing your story makes you memorable. Don’t be tempted to follow your competitors too closely. Make the decision to be you, to stand out and be different.

5. Gives you a unique voice

Once you’re clear on your business personality, you can find a consistent voice that sounds like you and fits your brand. That means no jargon or business speak, just everyday language that will make sense to your audience.

6. Provides consistent messages

It’s not about finding a one-off story to use in your PR activity. Your brand story gives you a communications framework that feeds into all your marketing, PR and social media activity so you know exactly what to say every time you speak and write about your business.

Making your story work for you

Once you’ve created your story, you’ll use it every day. You can use your whole story to write your website and share it piece by piece on social media. You can even distill it down to a 30-second intro for networking events.

Your brand story will give your clients a compelling reason to work with you. It helps you to become known as the go-to expert in your field and to charge what you’re worth.

Creating your story requires a bit of effort but the results are well worth it! It will change the way you approach your communications and content forever.

Build Your Brand Story

Build Your Brand Story is a communications consultancy working with business leaders who want to develop authentic, personality-based communications that deliver results.

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