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We are here for you

B4 Membership - 90 Day Free Trial

Quite clearly we are all in a very challenging situation here and we, the B4 team, have been working hard to work out out how best we can support you. We are opening B4 to you and everyone in the business community, on a no obligation basis, to benefit from the support that we can provide for 90 days. If you would like to accept our invitation to join B4 as our guest, please complete the form below to gain the following benefits for free for 90 days:


Our 90 Day Trial is designed to provide you with the expert information and advice that you need at this critical time through daily webinars (B4 LIVE) and a regularly updated resource of information which will be posted on the website and our social media platforms. B4 LIVE content will be a mixture of relevant advice and lighter ‘in conversation’ sessions designed to give insight into how the wider world is coping with this situation.

Sign up for a 90-day free membership

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